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  1. erm... Im sure this happened in my dreams and quite frankly its all that needs to happen in AMoL
  2. Most of everything Egwene knows comes from Siuan, well, that is a stretch but evreything she knows about different AS and monarchs/rulers
  3. that would be epic, and epic fore-shadowing Agreed. It comes from TEOTW, "Choices". Moiraine took out Lanfear in TFOH, "Choices". And RJ said that Moiraine's Aelfinn Q&A were "a big-time RAFO". Most people think she is going to tell him how to seal the Bore or something, but how lame is that? Also, people seem to expect her to have a confrontation with Cadsuane, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cadsuane goes out in the Sorliea confrontation before Moiraine even shows up. Yeah loved that part in the book (your sig) both times I have read it. Moiraine rocks!
  4. that would be epic, and epic fore-shadowing
  5. Hi guys been a while since I been on. Decided to log on again as Im just about to start my re-read of WoT from Bk 1 (planning on reading other books between volumes so giving myself plenty of time). It will be my 3rd read of the series. Logged-on to Dragonmount yesterday for 1st time in months and see that the prologue has been released Ouch. agree. I actually thought the standard of it was quite low. But I am now just about to have my 2nd read of it so hopefully my view will change
  6. yo people, been MONTHS since i was last on this site, but now I'm back (waits for the booing,hissing and jeering to end, before continuing) To everybody who reads this I hope u all had good xmas and new year, and that this year is bein good to u so far. anyway to the topic at hand... Cadsuane; I must say shes 1 of my fave characters, have to agree with Suttree and Luckers when they say she tends to treat people how they deserve to b treated, apart from IMO Nynaeve. But all Aes Sedai tend to have a bad view of wilders and "false" Aes Sedai. Though Nynaeve is probably my fave female character in the series so I might be being biased, and I'll be the first to admit that Nynaeve needs taking down a peg or 2 on occasion
  7. Zzzzzzzzzzz!! Elayne= Boring NO Mmmmmmmmmmm!! Elayne= Hot
  8. A Game of Thrones- A book on Daes Daemar(sp) by Thom Merrilin A Feast For Crows- A grapic novel of the Battle of Dumais Wells
  9. Definitly not going to happen. Only books that has even the slightest chance of ever being written are the two remaining prequels, and the outriggers about Mat and Tuon ten years after TG. And frankly, England has a greater chance at winning the football world cup in 2014 than any of those books has at ever being written. and the 2018 2022 2026 2030.... you know where im going. And im an English football fan :( back to the topic. I cant see the LoM bein introduced in the last book. not enough time to introduce a new culture. would be way too rushed
  10. R.I.P Robert Jordan. Thank you for the many hours entertainment and enjoyment I have got from reading your books.
  11. Lord of the Serpent Rings- Loial Only Loial could write this epic!!
  12. like this 1 ALOT yu get 2 big smiles and made me think Olver Twist- A story of an orphan boy fallen upon hard times taken in by a bunch of scallywags and "shown the ropes"
  13. anyway I prefer my original argument about it having been fulfilled already and Elaida was wasting her time with Morgase, just adds to Elaidas overwhelming aura of incompetence
  14. The Royal House of Andor is considered to be the house which currently holds the throne, so when Rands mother renounces she, and by extension Rand himself, are not part of the Royal House. Claiming a right to the throne doesnt make u part of the Royal House, you must have the throne to be the Royal House otherwise you are just another House of Andor But hey Aiel Blademaster this is what makes books great, the fact they are open to different interpretations especially WoT with its MANY prophecies, portents and foretellings
  15. Yes, a slight gripe I have with RJ is the lack of friendships. Most of the characters' relationships are either with someone they love or a "work" relationship rather than friendship.
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