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Should Elayne blame Egwene?


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On 7/8/2011 at 11:11 AM, TheAngryDruid said:

For me, the idea that both the Dragon and the Tower left the Borderlands to dangle is one of the single most unforgivable, and unbelievable, things in the story thus far. Especially considering:


1) Egwene and Rand are both close to Nynaeve, and Lan.

2) They both regret the Tower not acting soon enough to save Malkier (and so did Moiraine and possible Siuan by the sound of things)

3) Rand intervenes to save Maradon, and says he couldn't let the DO take it after all they did to hold it. Does he think the people of Arafel, Kandor, and Shienar will be any less valiant?

4) Rand vows to Nynaeve, in full Budda Rand, that we won't let Lan down. And then he does so for the rest of the Borderlands. (not to mention not saving the Sea Folk).


Really, Egwene wrote some letters and hatched her plots with the Hall and dealt with the murders and Messy. Not saying she had to go personally, but with Gateways, they should have been able to send help. She had both the Guard and the Rebel Army around. Even fearing another Seanchan attack, they should have been able to do something. Heck, Gateways in and out of Heeth tower sending in 5-10 linked sisters with angreal every so often should have been able to hold the Tower for a LONG time.


And Rand is even worse. At least Eggy has Forsaken in her midst, and fears another Seanchan attack, and is picking up the pieces. Rand does enough to account for about 5-6 days. The 3 days or so walking (no hurry there) to AS to talk to Egwene. A couple days in Tear to reunite with Tam, ID the DF's, mend with the Aiel and Caddy and send her on her mission. A couple more in Bandar Eban. A day in Maradon. A day to get the Borderland rulers. What did he DO for the rest of the month?


We'd better have some kind of plausible explanation.


Oops, sorry, this goes a bit afield.


No, Elayne shouldn't blame Egwene. It is her duty to protect Caemlyn. She should know better than to empty the city, especially when one can just hop back and get the troops anyway.

It may be that Rand and/or Egwene could have moved a little faster to defend the borderlands, but shouldn't the bulk of the blame fall on the shoulders of the Borderland rulers that brought their 200,000 man army south leaving their kingdoms near defenseless?  Also, the FoM was not just a place to talk or intimidate Rand, it was where the battle plans for the Last Battle were made and launched.  The bulk of the Westerland's forces went directly from there to fight in the Borderlands (less Elayne's forces which returned to fight in Andor).  Its probably true that the armies didn't have to stage from FoM, what with gateways, but meeting there didn't really delay (and perhaps expedited) getting the most troops to where they needed to be the quickest.  I don't think Elayne brought her armies there primary because Egwene ordered it, but because she didn't want to be the only Westerland's leader who didn't show up.  She wants Andor to be the preeminent kingdom in the Westerlands and she made a good start to that by being appointed Commander in Chief for the Last Battle, which she almost certainly wouldn't have if she had not brought her army to FoM like the others.  I don't think Elayne has any intention of ever being a White Tower puppet.   

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