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Which ajah would you choose?



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  1. 1. Which ajah would you choose?

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And I'll just make sure I'm an unnoticed Brown, so that the other Aes Sedai won't be going around trying to bully me all the time.


I loved this about Verin. She used peoples' perceptions of Browns to her own advantage. She always gave off an air off being absent-minded and having her head in the clouds which allowed her to observe a lot more than she could have if she appeared alert.


The Miss Marple of WoT... :biggrin:

Damnit, that's what I was going to say. *Shakes fist in mock outrage*



What would happen to a green with a multitude of warders, if oh say a dozen or so got wiped out all at once due to some epic ground folding attack by a Overpowered badie? if just one bonded dies and it criples the sences i couldnt imagine the physical pain to be endured

It's emotional, not physical pain to the AS, and the bond can be shielded. I would bond somebody, then immediately shield it.
The pain of their death would still be felt. You just wouldn't feel their emotions while they were alive.


I'd say this topic requires some thought. Do I choose Green, to go with my warlike nature? Brown, to go with my academic nature? White, to go with my philosophical nature? Blue to... no that one doesn't work. I'm not a big one for causes and justice. Far too lazy and self-interested. Grey? I'm not really a natural mediator (cue shocked gasps and a rush of denials). Yellow? I can't say it's a role I'm particularly suited for. Black? Well, I am completely evil, but I'm not sure that bunch of posers are worthy to be in my company. So that leaves Red. And I ask you, do I really seem like the sort of person who's well suited to be surrounded constantly by women, with little to no contact with men? Do I really seem like the sort of person who hates men? The answer is, of course, yes, so I'd sign up like a shot.

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