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This is my first post here.


I have read all the books up to and including number 11, Knife of Dreams.

I didn't get around to ordering book 12 when it came out so it has been alot of years since i last read Wheel of Time.

What i wanted to ask is if there is anywhere i can read a quick summary of the books so i can get back into the story and start reading book 12. Remembering everything and especially all the names can be hard :)

I had a long pause before and i had to read book 1-6 again because i have forgotten so much. Don't feel like reading 1-11 again for the same reasen. Don't misunderstand me, i love the books but reading elleven books all over again takes time :)

I'm from Norway and don't have any trouble with english but i still find reading other languages takes longer that norwegain :)


Sorry if this has been posted before but i don't want to risk reading any spoilers looking through the forums. I hate spoilers so much. Takes away alot of the joy of reading.


Hope someone can help.

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encyclopaedia-wot.org is a great resource with a bit more in-depth summaries and no lame commentary. Just don't read the footnotes if you don't want to be spoiled. My opinion is that encyclopaedia-wot.org is better than Tor.com for the summaries.


Dragonmount also releases a "what you should know" document that neatly sums up each character's "current" situation in preparation for each book. I think they have one that helps you get up-to-speed before reading KoD. And another they put out before TGS came out, and another before ToM was released. Maybe someone here has a link to those?

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