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just finished first read, 1 art question


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I just finished my first read through of the WoT! It was so awesome, I'm going through withdrawal, though I still need to finish ANS.


Does anyone know who did the cover art for the Dragonmount webpage? I really really like it and I want to see more of this artist's work...

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thank you so much Amadine! I am sure I will love Seamus' work if its anything like the cover art for Dragonmount.com


So New Spring is going okay, Moiraine and Siuan just finished their testing for the shawl. Wow, I never realized what an anxious and nervous wreck Moiraine is! It makes her more endearing to me seeing this side of her as opposed to the icy veneer we receive in the rest of WoT. Yet it seems Siuan just hasn't changed much, just as brash as ever :)

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