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Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival!

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Welcome to the garden party! :cool:

There will be lots of fun stuff going on here this week. This this will be the "general chat" thread throughout this week.

Other events during this week will include:


• Name the Garden Plant Game

• Recipe Contest

• Summer Garden Party Food Discussion thread

• Scavenger Hunt Game

• DIY Garden Party Crafts

• How to Host a Garden Party thread



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Oh look! There's something from the Scavenger Hunt game that Wolf is hosting!


Also please join us for the Guess the Plant game hosted by Ithillian!


And the Midsummer Cook Off Recipe Contest is still open to entries for a little while longer. Enter while you can! :biggrin:


Prizes for the winners of these games will be awarded at the close of the Midsummer Festival this Sunday (June 19th)! joy.gif

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I haven't forgotten you, Em. :wink:


Also join us for...

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The Midsummer Festival is coming to a close for this year. Prizes are now being awarded in the game threads.

All the winners will be announced here shortly.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this years Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival! :biggrin:


Special thanks to the awesome Aspie volunteers that worked so hard to make this possible!

  • Ahmoondah
  • Basel Gill
  • Ithillian
  • keyholder21
  • Millon
  • Sakaea
  • _wolfbrother_

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Congrats to all the winners of the Midsummer Festival games! :biggrin:



Guess the Plant - hosted by Ithillian







Scavenger Hunt - hosted by _wolfbrother_









Recipe contest - hosted by Millon






Congrats and thanks for participating! :biggrin:

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