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你好(Ni Hao) fine people of Dragonmount,


My real name is not Vimak, but you may certainly call me Vimak. I have long been a fan of fantasy series and played some variant of DnD for some time (though I am pro 3.5/anti-4th ed) and that is where my user name comes from. I recently returned to the US and have been rereading the WoT books, I am currently on book 10 (I read to book 9 last time I was reading them in the early 2000s). I will be entering graduate school this Fall in Washington, DC and so am using the summer to get as much reading for fun in as I can.


I joined the community figuring it would be interesting to interact with other fans of WoT and fantasy series in general. I may try to join one of the various role-playing groups here, but I am new to the whole playing online/forum idea and much more a traditional paper/pencil/dice kind of guy. Anyways, I am looking forward to talking with all of you.





PS - if anyone knows a good, but preferably not too large, group of 3.5 ed D&D players in the DC Metro area I'd be interested in learning more :-)

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Welcome to DM!!! Glad to have you here!


Roleplay at DM is SO much fun. I love it! I am even the Mistress of Novices in the White Tower RP Group :) You can play just about any type of character you like here.


The social groups are a lot of fun too and everyone is very welcoming. I hope you enjoy your time at DM and if you need a hand with anything just post here or PM me and i'll be only too happy to help :)



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Your name is pretty awesome I have to say. Sorry I've never played DnD before though.


There is a ton of stuff around the site to do though. The Black Tower Social Group for example is just plain awesome.

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