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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! They all sound good, I'll have to get to the bookstore tonight and see whats available.
  2. I too am a non-soda/pop drinker. I sleep around 6 hours a day. If i'm lucky though, I might get 8.
  3. Hello, So I am trying to get as much reading for fun in before graduate school starts this fall. However, I have tried using Amazon's recommendations and found they aren't too useful. So, I am going to list books/series that I've read and like and am hoping you all may have some suggestions for me. Books/Series I loved: Wheel of Time (of course), The Way of Kings, The Kingkiller Chronicles, Tigana Books/Series I liked: Harry Potter, LoTR, Mistborn series, Forgotten Realms books, Dragonlance books, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Night Angel Trilogy (would have been a Love It gro
  4. I didn't see any recent poll of this sort and am just curious where people are coming from/reading WoT around the world. If the mods think its too much along the lines of displaying personal info, sorry, you can take it down and I won't be hurt ;-).
  5. To provide some context on my POV - I am on the 10th book (read 1 - 9 2x over a 10 year period). I haven't read all of the posts for fear of spoilers, so don't flog me for missing something or repeating too much please Anywho, with respect to the topic - I agree with what seemed to be a fair number of people in that it is a toss-up for me between the Elayne-Rand relationship and the Egwene-Gawyn one. My favorite probably being Min-Rand as I personally would love to have a girl like Min. Elayne-Rand: to me is too forced. It's more of a booty call than a relationship. They've see
  6. I am most curious as to what book the OP is on? I would think that would make a difference in his/her POV on Nynaeve. Personally, I think she's 10x better than Elayne. Elayne is easily the most irritating of the major female characters in the series for me. As for the males, that's a tough one. Rand would probably take the most irritating award for me, but he has his moments and I have found Perrin's story (as of book 10) to be getting a bit dull and Perrin himself more and more seeming like a bit of a fool and/or nancy.
  7. A bit cliche but, have you considered any of the Dungeons and Dragons book series? I personally read through a lot of the Dragonlance series and Forgotten Realms series when I was around your age. While they aren't quite the same as the WoT, they are still solid fantasy reads in my opinion.
  8. I have a higher pain threshold than anyone I know (don't ask me how I found out). I also have other talents...but those are secrets
  9. 你好(Ni Hao) fine people of Dragonmount, My real name is not Vimak, but you may certainly call me Vimak. I have long been a fan of fantasy series and played some variant of DnD for some time (though I am pro 3.5/anti-4th ed) and that is where my user name comes from. I recently returned to the US and have been rereading the WoT books, I am currently on book 10 (I read to book 9 last time I was reading them in the early 2000s). I will be entering graduate school this Fall in Washington, DC and so am using the summer to get as much reading for fun in as I can. I joined the community f
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