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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! They all sound good, I'll have to get to the bookstore tonight and see whats available.
  2. I too am a non-soda/pop drinker. I sleep around 6 hours a day. If i'm lucky though, I might get 8.
  3. Hello, So I am trying to get as much reading for fun in before graduate school starts this fall. However, I have tried using Amazon's recommendations and found they aren't too useful. So, I am going to list books/series that I've read and like and am hoping you all may have some suggestions for me. Books/Series I loved: Wheel of Time (of course), The Way of Kings, The Kingkiller Chronicles, Tigana Books/Series I liked: Harry Potter, LoTR, Mistborn series, Forgotten Realms books, Dragonlance books, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Night Angel Trilogy (would have been a Love It group, but I don't do well with rape), Books/Series I thought were ok: The Magicians, Eragon, Shannara books, Narnia books I am not necessarily looking for epic fantasy, just any fiction that you can suggest based on what I have above would be great. Thanks for the help! Regards, V
  4. I didn't see any recent poll of this sort and am just curious where people are coming from/reading WoT around the world. If the mods think its too much along the lines of displaying personal info, sorry, you can take it down and I won't be hurt ;-).
  5. To provide some context on my POV - I am on the 10th book (read 1 - 9 2x over a 10 year period). I haven't read all of the posts for fear of spoilers, so don't flog me for missing something or repeating too much please Anywho, with respect to the topic - I agree with what seemed to be a fair number of people in that it is a toss-up for me between the Elayne-Rand relationship and the Egwene-Gawyn one. My favorite probably being Min-Rand as I personally would love to have a girl like Min. Elayne-Rand: to me is too forced. It's more of a booty call than a relationship. They've seen each other maybe 3 or 4 times, the only time anything outside of small talk or sex seemed to occur was when Rand took the Stone. Even then it was all about sneaking away for some snogging. So to me, I don't see why Rand loves the girl and, as I'm not a girl, I can't understand why she likes Rand. Also, in speaking on Rand's female interests, most guys I know don't have such a wide variety of interests. Min the down to earth petite brunette, Aviendha the fiery redhead, and Elayne the dumb blonde. To me, I can get the Min and Aviendha attractions, but Elayne is so different from the other two it makes no sense. Egwene-Gawyn: Their relationship, at least where I am in the book, makes no sense at all. They have barely seen each other and they believe they are in love. I can understand having wet dreams about each other, that just requires physical attraction. However, Egwene managed to switch from Rand to Gawyn mighty quickly and they don't really seem to share a whole lot of common interests asides from each other (which, despite the whole opposites attract saying, most people know doesn't work long-term). Of course, as a side note, I am fairly anti-Elayne in the whole series and so that probably affects my liking of anything she does a bit. Though, my favorite characters, hands down, are Mat and Min, so its not as though I'm too concerned with the going-ons of Rand.
  6. I am most curious as to what book the OP is on? I would think that would make a difference in his/her POV on Nynaeve. Personally, I think she's 10x better than Elayne. Elayne is easily the most irritating of the major female characters in the series for me. As for the males, that's a tough one. Rand would probably take the most irritating award for me, but he has his moments and I have found Perrin's story (as of book 10) to be getting a bit dull and Perrin himself more and more seeming like a bit of a fool and/or nancy.
  7. A bit cliche but, have you considered any of the Dungeons and Dragons book series? I personally read through a lot of the Dragonlance series and Forgotten Realms series when I was around your age. While they aren't quite the same as the WoT, they are still solid fantasy reads in my opinion.
  8. I have a higher pain threshold than anyone I know (don't ask me how I found out). I also have other talents...but those are secrets
  9. 你好(Ni Hao) fine people of Dragonmount, My real name is not Vimak, but you may certainly call me Vimak. I have long been a fan of fantasy series and played some variant of DnD for some time (though I am pro 3.5/anti-4th ed) and that is where my user name comes from. I recently returned to the US and have been rereading the WoT books, I am currently on book 10 (I read to book 9 last time I was reading them in the early 2000s). I will be entering graduate school this Fall in Washington, DC and so am using the summer to get as much reading for fun in as I can. I joined the community figuring it would be interesting to interact with other fans of WoT and fantasy series in general. I may try to join one of the various role-playing groups here, but I am new to the whole playing online/forum idea and much more a traditional paper/pencil/dice kind of guy. Anyways, I am looking forward to talking with all of you. Vimak PS - if anyone knows a good, but preferably not too large, group of 3.5 ed D&D players in the DC Metro area I'd be interested in learning more :-)
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