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I've finally found a home!!

Guest Epheros

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Guest Epheros

hello everyone im Epheros. i just found this site. and am very happy i came across it.


im a Huge WOT fan. i read the first book Eye of the world when i was 11 and got hooked.

happy to be here

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Welcome welcome, we really do love newbies, especially ones that have been hooked on the series for years!


I'm Jea, second in command of the Band of the Red Hand social Org, which I highly recommend you check out because we have fun music threads, reviews and just overall general fun!


Aside from the Band, you can also find many other social organizations, roleplaying and even just general book discussion, meaning we have a place for everyone!


Hope to see you around!

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Welcome to DM!!!! I've been reading WoT since i was about.... 14... i think... Around 19 years anyway LOL


If you have any questions about DM feel free to PM me or leave a post here about it, there's loads to see and do at DM, from social groups catering to everyone, mafia games, and of course role playing in RJs fabulous world. Enjoy your time with us!



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Welcome Epheros! I have to say I like that name, where'd you get it?

Also that's awesome because I started the series when I was 11 too! lol


Anyway, like they said, there is a ton to do here and it is an amzing site, both for discussions, and hanging out in the Social Groups.


Myself, I'm a Storm Leader over in the Black Tower. We're nice and Taintedly Insane over there, so we have lots of fun.

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