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May Photograph Competition - Open for submissions

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We had a fabulous time last month with this, so we must do it again! (us greedy people have the right to demand such things, you see).


This month's theme is Wheel of Time Architecture & Landscape!!!


We've all done the tourist thing and visited cathedrals, churches, palaces, villages, country sides, world wonders and so on, taking loads of pictures and going all..... "Mmmmmm, this is EXACTLY how I imagined X location in WoT to look like!". I'm not the only one who does that, right? >.>


*cough cough* Lets pretend I'm not! :biggrin:



How do you enter, you ask? EASY!


- Send your submission/s to: Nynaeve.n10@gmail.com


- Make sure to indicate what your DM handle is (All Dragonmount members are welcomed to participate - There's no obligation to being a White Tower member).


- Remember that you're only allowed up to two submissions. ^_^


- Only submit pictures you took yourself. Googling is a hobby of mine, so I don't want any surprises :P


- Important! Be sure to mention in the email what WoT place you imagine it to be.



The participants will be contending for TWO titles: The Public's Favorite Award and The Yellow Ajah Favorite Award. The first one will be determined by a public poll and the second one by the members of the Yellow Ajah.




The deadline for submissions is the 27th (10 days away, people!), so please hurry up, cause you know you want to give it a shot ;)



LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!! :biggrin:





*If you require more information, feel free to either post here, PM me or email the listed addy.




- The Yellow Ajah

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Hey, Nyn, between all your tests and studying and such, will these be posted for voting on any time soon? Did you have enough submissions?


*tickles Nyn, pats Narg on the head, and sits down to wait for an answer*

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No, there were not enough submission to merit a poll. Which is unfortunate, really.


I will be posting a new theme this month and attempt again. I guess a WoT related theme was too far fetched for the crowd on this site :P





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