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Welcome Barid...to dungeons...I mean Black Tower


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Welcome my young man, so tell us all about yourself and I promise I won't mention Lews, not at all, Lews is a name that won't be mentioned in this thread LEWS

Have some brownies made by Lews...I mean my fair hands, they are totally Lews...I mean tainted, so do enjoy.



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Bah! Lews Therin shall soon be mine! You shall pay for your insolence!!


I have decided to come to the Black Tower, I got sick of everyone comming up to me saying "hey man, nice disgise you got going there, Taim is really awesome!"

I mean, really? The guy cant brood HALF as well as I can!


Oh, I happen to enjoy writing, history, football (soccer) and various other things.


Your Local Chosen,



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All very well children!


I have decided, in the spirit of fairness (the great Lord values fairness too, you know!) I shall cut myself from the DO's protection against the Taint, and not use any of my super cool AoL weaves. I shall start a lowly Soldier!!!


Unless, of course, Lews Therin is involved, then all bets are off. You will taste the full might of the Chosen!!!!!!! :biggrin:

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Well I shall now refrain from the 'L' word...mainly because you have called soccer Football...it's rightful name, so you can't be all bad :biggrin:


I am greatful :biggrin:


I know, its annoying right?



I feel I should put more about me.


Well I am from Australia studying History and Literature.


Been reading WoT for around 5 years, done about 7 or so re-reads. Loving the black Tower and such.

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Indeed, most of the channelers down here are still mad from the breaking. Luckily the great Lord protects me.



Incidentally, feel free to ask me any questions on Australia if you are interested for some reason.




No, we do not ride kangaroo's.


The Koala is NOT a bear. It is a vicious type of Shadowspawn Aginor created, but never revealed. Far too dangerous to let loose.


Yes, we are the best country in the world. :biggrin:

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