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I am trying to put together a collection of WOT art work here that I find to be good attempts at following detail (more or less) or just exceptionally well done.


I'm trying to find a particular piece but am having trouble finding it. It has a golden tone to it and it's a picture of RJ passing the Dragon Banner (I think) to BS while the characters are looking on. Any help in finding it is appreciated.


Much Thanks :smile:

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Wouldn't you prefer posting this on the social general discussion, @White_star?

Not necessarily; a purely WoT discussion could be spawned by this picture I suppose, but to be honest, I didn't even think about that board :blush: sorry. But, I think it would have gotten lost or ignored over there and the answer would have come faster on this board with all the hard core WoT fans, and indeed it did.


I guess I could have put it in the Artists, Crafters, and Writers area. If you feel like moving or even locking it, since someone already helped me find the art piece, go ahead.

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