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I have arrived! Hello~

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Hi, guys!


I was amazingly surprised my username had not been taken. I've been a member of theoryland for a long time but now that i've caught up with the rest of the WoT series, I want to participate anywhere and everywhere where WoT fans gather. I had been aware of this place for about a year, but never really had looked around until now, and I'm happy to have done so now :) so just a hello, and nice meeting you!

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Nice to meet you too, Your Majesty. *Inclines head slightly.*




Welcome to DM! Which parts our humble little home has caught your attention thus far? Do you have any questions for us?


*Inclines head in return* Thank you, Mother.



The roleplay areas seem fun, but I'm mostly here for the discussions!

No questions, yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with a few sooner or later.


Tynaal, Thank you for the lovely welcome! Theoryland is fun :) it's the first place I found, but I want to get to know people on here as well!

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<Walks in with his Wolf Companion and a Menethren Tabard, he salutes and the wolf bows>


Tashar Malkier! (Yeah, I likely spelled that wrong! But still!) And Welcome to the Mount!


If you are interested in the Roleplay dont think it will mess with your ability to be up in the discussion part of the forums :3 It wont. A good deal of us RPers live double lives on this forum! I myself am (Or was, the WK are sorta being slow and lazy right now!) an active RPer and a Mod for the board right here that your thread is in :3!


As such, if you wish to ask me any questions please feel free :D Otherwise take Tyn up the offer! I am here though incase Tyn cant answer something :3!


Until next we speak, have fun Storming the Mount. Oh, and if you run into the Band of the Red Hand, Dovie'andi se tovya sagain! I think they'll know what that means >:3


Note: The above old tougn was just for fun :3 Doenst mean anything! Though, the Band might find it interesting if you spout off "Its time to toss the dice."

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