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Helo folks!!


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I only know this site only for two days or so but for now I actually really like it. I never thought there would be so much theory's and fun stuff about this epic serie. For now I think I'm gona look into as much theory's I can.

About mezelf: I am only 15 years old, lives in Belgium(Leuven) (should explain my horrible English I think :)), that I start reading the serie one your ago, and that After i was done I reread it till the 6th book, but that was in Dutch :(, Then i Read the final book (ToM) in English (Bought it in London). Now I am certainly gone reread the whole in English. I interest me in athletics(400-200m), reading(duh xD), gaming(A lot ;), and also in fantasysing my own stories and then write them down, but sadly in Dutch...


So... I hope I'l have a nice time here ;)

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Ooh! I could totally understand if you started speaking Dutch. I only speak Afrikaans though and German.. But they are similar :smile:


We have another member from Belgium, the Head of the Red Ajah at the WHite Tower - she's a great one.




Don't worry about your English for now, it improves as you read books and spend more time talking and typing :tongue: in English


Other than that, welcome to the Tower and if you need any help or would like to chat, feel free to PM me. I also joined when I was 15 (I think >.> )

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Welcome to the Mount!


Dont worry about your english :3 you seem to be speaking clearly enough to be understood. Anyway, I am glad you joined :3 Its always good to see a new face around these parts :D!


Do you have any questions or concerns you need answered or adressed? If so please PM me or ask them here :3 I am always happy to answer them!


Until next we speak, have fun Storming the Mount!

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