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  1. ok you got me there... I admit im not a good thinker but in my eyes Mesana still needs to be lower in the teers cause she... shes most of the time in the background (correct my if im wrong).
  2. she didnt really get pwnd considering that it was only a spark of insanity (my belief, since it coincides with the same symptoms as rands early on) on egwenes part that saved her, in fact she pwnd egwene up until that which after that became a stroke of luck in my books maybe Egwene got owned but still... Egwene had the hardest part, and Mesana didnt do much in my eyes to break the tower so...
  3. I hope Olver will be just owning everyone like Lan or Jain
  4. I mostly agree with your tiers but I actually think graendal needs to be above Lanfear, and Mesana not that high... i mean she got powned like a little child in ToM
  5. haha lol, nah maybe they are something more as explained but I don't think they are cause the explanation is a good one in my eyes ;)
  6. There's only one thing I hate about women in Randland is that nobody cooks for themself... LOL Just kidding, but I think women in WOT are mostly not that emphatic, not always but Elayne and Egwene know a lot of using people in ways I cant aprove... like not excusing to Mat. But I do like it they are not creatures doing al the minor work.
  7. they are all cool but i sure liked the part of Aviendha in ToM looking to the future, Elaynes battle in ToM(liked the thing with the fox medaillon), the cleansing of Rans mind GS, the conclussion how to leave the tower of G. And sure Dumas Well
  8. I meant including, not starting with ;)
  9. Why should Europe not be a Continent? +I edited post
  10. Well, it is ofcourse not a real obsession, i just mentioned it :)
  11. Haha ok, was just kidding :3 LOL
  12. Well, I don't think its a real obsession but i found it really funny to see al the nations and capitals in Randland (also the Aiel waste and Seanchan) include an "A". And also a lot of other names and places have an A.
  13. Y, I got One ;). Do you got your Ctrl-v always ready for here? Lol ;) Nah just kidding,thx for the support.
  14. Haha ok ;), and maybe im also gona try writing some of my stories in english ;). Hope it isnt that hard to try( I also write al my stories on my ipod... (20 pages so far xD))
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