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Gears of War 3


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My observations from the Beta so far....


They brought back the old "Gears 1 stay in the same room and fight the same people" system. I think these rooms only hold 5 on a team but we should be good with that. Getting into a room was a pain, but that could just be because of the Beta. It still has that Halo 3 party up system to get into a room.


The shotgun is back. I could run and kill people without doing that pimp slap first. Hell, I killed two people at once. The drawback is the reload time is very long... like 10 seconds. So if you miss you are kind of screwed. I think I am alright with that because the shotgun is a one shot kill again. Everyone seemed to be using it in the matches I was in. Oh it also only has 4 bullets.


There are now two lancers... one retro lancer and one new lancer. I couldn't tell you the difference except one has a chainsaw and one has a bayonet. I really wanted to ram someone with that bayonet but it is hard to get close to someone with that shotgun. To me it seemed the lancer would drop you faster. I only saw one chainsaw kill which made me happy.


The maps were fine. One was a bit cramped that put you into action almost as soon as you spawned.


I don't remember this from previous games... but I am getting old. Seems now each team has a limited number of respawns. Whichever team uses them up faster will lose. I like this... so far. My fear is the game will turn to camping to protect your respawns. But so far no one camped.

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