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A Spa Day


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Setting up two beautiful golden baths, Christine fills the tubs full of hot water, watching the steam rise up. She adds various oils and flower petals, sets out glasses of wine beside each tub, and even sets a place of sweet tarts and cookies on a stand beside the baths. Calling the ladies into their baths, Christine hurries to let them choose their favorite scented soaps, and awaits them to need her.


Watching them finish bathing and slip into the soft towels she had laid out, Christine helps both of them into chairs so that they can begin their pampering process. Giving both of them pedicures and manicures, she then sets to giving them both facials. Once both of their faces are covered in the green masks with cucumbers over their eyes, Christine goes first to Mistress Amadine.


"Deathlord Amadine," she whispers softly in her ear, running her fingers through the wet hair. "May the Dark Lord take you swiftly." Before the woman can respond, Christine snaps her neck quickly.


Moving onto Mistress Lily, she repeats the process, whispering, "Cuen'Shaidar LilyElizabeth, tell the Dark Lord I say hello," and repeats the snap of the neck. Taking the cucumber off of their eyes and nibbling on the vegetable, Christine then slips into fresh bath water and enjoys a quiet bath before finally rising and realizing she must complete her duty.


Picking up a rather large sword, she slices off both heads with a swift blow each and carries them back to Ed2Funy, as per requested.

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