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Whats in a name?


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This is just something I have been mulling over for like, 10 books, but never had a chance to ask in a forum because I didn't belong to one. Has anyone ever seen discussed The Dragons name? Lews Therin. Like, maybe, lose therein. Ala, no matter what you will lose?

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This opens up interesting possibilities:


Perrin Aybara = Pairing I Borrow. Means he sleeps with other men's wives.


Rand Al'Thor = Ran All Sore. Means his feet hurt.


Egwene Al'Vere = A Green I'll Fear. Shows her choice of Ajah.


Matrim Cauthon = My Trim Caution (pronouced with a lisp). Means don't let the lace fool you, he's straight.


Moiraine Damodred = More rain, damn, I'm drenched. Weather forecast.


Nynaeve Al'Meara = Nine Eve, All Mirror. Stares at her reflection every night.


Faile Bashere = Fail Basher. She'll whack you if you don't succeed.

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And there's more...


Morgase Trakand = More Gas Trackin'. Means who cut the cheese -- again?


Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag = Two on a Theme, Corp in Drag. Means she wants to send Mat to RuPaul's Drag University.


Lan Mandragoran = Lean Man, Drag Whorin'. He puts on a dress and hangs around in sleazy taverns.


Verin Mathwin = Veering, Ma, The Wind! Means she can't steer a boat.


Alviarin Freidhen = All Fearin' Freed Hen. Means she's scared of free-range poultry.

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Herid Fel = Hair, it fell. Means the guy was balding.


Ishamael = *Sean Connery-voice* I saw Ma-El. Means he met Supermans Grandma.


Shai'tan = Shy tan. Darkening of the skin due to social anxiety


Mazrim Taim = Mass Rim Time. okay I'm not gonna go there....

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