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I hate to make an introductory post that's mainly just a question but I'm not really sure where else this sort of thing would be appropriate so...here I am!

anyways my question

I was wondering if anyone could possibly direct me to somewhere on the internet where there's a lot of WoT fanart?

I've found a little bit on my own on DeviantArt and a little via google but most of the directories on google seem really old and most of the places they link to no longer exist

mainly I really would like to save some of the art I saw on wot.wikia but it saves as firefox documents :sad:


anyways yeah

I realize this wasn't a terribly good introduction so uhhh if for some reason you'd like to know more about me just ask

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Welcome to dm Nolder who has been around longer than I have!!!!!


Which parts and characters in the books are your favorites?


My favorite WoT artist is this gal (the first few shown right now are some of the rejected ones but take a look at the album--it's amazing!!!!)


If you happen have any questions, just ask ;)

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