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Kia Ora From New Zealand!


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Kia Ora everybody,


I'm Pantherus from New Zealand (also known as 'Middle Earth' ;))


I'm 27, Married, with two young daughters.


I've been reading WoT since I was at High School when my friend introduced me to it - I think Path of Daggers had just come out around the time I started reading...that's about 10-12 years ago...right?


Read the books up to Path of Daggers then forgot about it...then on a trip I found 4 of the books (Dragon Reborn -> Lord of Chaos) for sale cheap 2nd-Hand so bought them and started reading (yes, restarted from Book #3 :)) and continued to buy the next book as I found them - including New Spring in there somewhere. Eventually finished Knife of Dreams and so waited for Gathering Storm, bought that and read it, then continued waiting for Towers of Midnight which I bought and read at Xmas this last year. Now I've managed to acquire Eye of the World and Great Hunt so have started re-reading RIGHT back from the start, so I've now read New Spring and just finished Eye of the World - my aim is to finish Towers of Midnight in time for the last book (whose name escapes me) next year.


My favourite WoT character overall has probably been Mat due his, generally, easy-going nature and all the stuff that happens to him with the memories and the Band was just awesome :) (pretty sure that's vague enough to not be a spoiler?)


I've read posts here off and on for a couple of years now and have loved reading the theories and explanations on things that have happened, because my reading of the books was so often hugely spaced apart I often forgot things that happened and vaguer references were totally lost on me so I've really enjoyed having some things laid out clearly.


Hopefully I can partake in some conversations around here as the community seems to be pretty awesome.




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OMGGGGG!!! Finally someone else from NZ!!! :D Hey, welcome to DM Pantherus (can I call you Panther? Or Pan? Many of us have nicknames …from our nicknames… :) Please call me Nya, or Nyna if you like .


Anyway, I’m soooo pleased to meet someone else from the country. I live on the South Island, near Nelson. (I admit, I’m not Kiwi…I was born in Germany)

I do hope you’re not from Christchurch, after what happened there, and pray no one you know got hurt.


Anyway…enjoy DM, I’ve been loving it since I got here :D Hope to see you round a lot! :biggrin:


Nya :happy:

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Haha - Hi Nya! I got P'rus used a lot on other forums so feel free to use that if you like :)


Always great to see another Kiwi out and about online.


I'm born and bred in Wellington where I still live with my Wife and Daugthers. Don't know anyone personally in Christchurch but it's still affected us all, especially the stories of kids and babies who died - had me rushing home to hug my girls and thank whoever was listening that they're safe and healthy.


Living near Nelson you'd be more affected by it, having Cantabs living nearby while their homes are rebuilt/fixed/etc - certainly hope you didn't know anyone who died.


Thanks again for the welcome and hope to see you around.



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Hey :) welcome aboard. Feel free to ask any questions and come drop by the white tower and warders guild social groups sometime :)


Yeah might have to look into that one day - I'm typically on here when I should be working or studying...but priorities...amiright? :)

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Hey there!

Im also a Kiwi. You should join SG there are a few NZers over there. Im sure you will fit in just fine. DM are really nice (most of the time)

Im currently an aucklander studying film and Television, but I was born in South Africa.

Anyway good to see a new face



What's SG?

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