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  1. It is dangerous touching the source like this - hence they they try so hard to track wilders down. It's an unconscious thing which is why they can do it despite the difficulty - it's not active weaving etc, but more a manifestation of emotions etc.
  2. Lol - so are a lot of other things in this series. True! I suppose so - I like the situations where they're told a prophecy, actively go out to fulfil/stop it, and in the process, ensure it fulfilled...but this one was just too straightforward, he hear's he is fated to marry the daughter of the nine moons, asks around and eventually finds the daughter of the nine moons (it was even figurative, it literally was her title!), and marries her - now it didn't happen like he intended (he didn't realise saying it 3 times was the ceremony for example)... Even Rand going out to gain Callandor didn't happen quite as he expected, he needed the Aiel to coincidentally show up as well...
  3. Inconceivable! I can certainly see how Egwene appears to be a Mary Sue - from tSR onwards nothing particularly BAD happens to her. In THG she was made damane and had to be rescued, in TDR she (with Elayne and Nynaeve) were captured by BA and had to be rescued (not that they gave Mat an ounce of credit ;)) but since then, she's almost single-handedly saved herself every time from any potential trouble; stuff like getting beaten by the wise ones etc doesn't count - it was character building :) Even when she is next rescued (by Siuan during/after the Seanchan raid) she berates her for it! As people have said, it's her firm belief that she's always right (even when she's very wrong) that annoys so many people, but her Mary Sue qualities are very clear, her ascent just happens to coincide with the dramatic humanisation of the Aes Sedai who suddenly seem like bumbling novices when she comes on the scene. I admit that I loved the arc of her in the tower, learning to embrace the pain of her beatings, slowly disestablish the flawed structures, and then prove herself in a roar of power linked with novices and a sa'angreal - I loved that part, but then her treatment of Siuan was terrible, and don't even get me started with her dealings with Gawyn!
  4. Started reading around the time when PoD was out. Favourite book was probably TGS mostly because so much stuff was finally sorted out :)
  5. In line with his character, maybe (though initially he actively tries to avoid it, but anyway :)) but as a literary device I just don't like - it's borderline Deus Ex Machina.
  6. I guess the argument stands about them fulfilling each others' prophecies. I don't know if it's conflicting - but I DO like self-fulfilling prophecies of the sort where a person hears of it, actively goes out to try and avoid/stop it, and inadvertently makes it happen - as someone mentioned, like they do in the Matrix with the vase. Or more locally - the whole killing kids to try and kill the DR before he grows up; and it's parallel of King Herid trying to kill Christ as a baby. I guess it just rankles a little that Mat hears his destiny is to marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons, he actively looks for her (asking various woman if they know what it means) and then when he finds her, he's all "Whelp, guess you're my Wife, the Snakes told me so! YOINK!"
  7. A lot of them really do feel very superficial and forced. Someone commented above that Egwene and Gawyn deserved each other and I totally agree - they are two of my least favourite characters due to being so horrendously arrogant and refusing to acknowledge their own mistakes. Faile's immature BS really annoyed me to no end - although that's in no small part due to the fact my wife is much the same...must be a women-in-general thing ;)
  8. Started reading around the time of tPoD being out and, when I made it to CoT I enjoyed it just fine - or at least I don't remember any particular issues with it...
  9. I think it was just chucked in for tDR - the acquisition was off-screen AFAIK, but probably during the Caemlyn->Tear mission
  10. I've been a bit annoyed at the self-fulfilling prophecies that keep cropping up in WoT, where someone fulfils the prophecy solely because they heard about it in the first place. Mat kidnapping, and ultimately marrying, Tuon is the prime example - if he'd never heard about her from the *Finns then he'd never have kidnapped her and thus never have married her - furthermore Tuon only agreed to marry HIM because of her own prophecies about him. Some minor examples hold too, like the crown for the King of Tear which Min offered to design based on her vision, and of course Siuan and Gareth when they rescue Egwene... It just feels weak when the character hears their prophecies and then actively goes out to fulfil them.
  11. No - he's shagged them all though ;) The closest would be Avi saying she'd make the bridal wreath.
  12. He's changed because he's had to mature and take on more responsibility - similar to Perrin, but he was far less of a b!tch about it - I wouldn't say it's due to Brandon, and wouldn't say it's for the worse either - though doing a re-read now I'm enjoying the old Mat a lot :)
  13. I remember reading ToM and the discovery of who Mesaana was and just thinking: "who?"
  14. I knew about Sturm - but didn't know about Robb...
  15. I've seen complaints before about knowing the good guys win and it ruining the suspense - but sometimes you just accept they're going to win/live and just enjoy reading with a cartoon-tv-series feeling of "how will our heroes get out of THIS one?" I personally hated ASOF&I because the "good guys" kept fricken dying and losing and I just got fed up with it. As for the Forsaken doing nothing - something to remember is how much they do off-screen, and remember that, in addition to hunting down Rand etc, they also spent a lot of time and effort consolidating their bases of power (Ravhin in Caemlyn, Sammael in Illian, etc)
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