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Humble Salutations


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Deep from the Mines of Moria I arise from my sleep to see the world of...what? Whaddya mean I'm in the wrong story? I can't go to my summer home in Winterfell? Huh? I'm in bandland? I hated bandcamp! It was...Ohhhhh, Randland! Excuse me everyone :blush:


Ahem! Take two!


I started the Wheel of Time back in the summer of 2009 so my first real wait for a book was for ToM. I'm an avid fantasy reader and I am also reading Leigh's WoT reread.


Cheers Everyone!



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You had me wondering there for a sec lol It's been a while since I've read the WoT books, although I am working on one of the older ones in Spanish right now! (Volume 6...Town of the Dragon, dunno what book that translates too)


Anyways...I'm Jea, second in command of the band of the red hand social org and also a brown sitter for the white tower social org. If you're interested in socializing and making friends, these two orgs are a great place to start. The White Tower has everything the WT in the books has, but is more fun and not as scary ;) At the Band, we love our music discussions and various travel threads (mainly following me through my journeys in Europe during my study abroad semester in Spain). As for the Brown Ajah, we love overall discussions, so if you have something to discuss, whether it's book related or not, stop on by!


We're so glad you've decided to join our illustrious site :) *gives the newbie some of her extra special chocolate fudge brownies and a Brew Tea* You'll get more of those if you stop by the band or Brown Ajah ;)

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