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But this is a beginning


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I have been following the WoT since 2002 and soaking it in. I tend to reread the entire series each time a new book is released, and yes I

refer to the characters as if they are real people...

I come looking for friends and fellow artists. I will be attending JordanCon for the first time this april and would like to know what to



may you always find water and shade

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Welcome to DM Neeka!!


Let me first say i am SO jealous you are going to JC...


I tend to forget that characters are not real also, they have been a part of my life for so long now they tend to live in my head, 20 years is a long time to be almost continusously reading a single series LOL


There's plenty to do here at DM. If you are an artist you should check out the Artists, Crafters and Writers Guild, as for finding friends the social orgs are a great way to meet new people. I am sure Corki and Talya will put in their bids for the Band and the Black Tower but there are several others also LOL


You can join as many or as few orgs as you like, so have a look through the info threads and join the ones you think will be most fun. Personally i am a Dreadlord at Shayol Ghul and an Aes Sedai of the Red at the White Tower. DM also has a great RPing section if you like writing as well.



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Welcome Neeka, Amadine has it right, there is plenty to do here and it sounds like you are artistic, we would love to see some of your work.


i love this place for meeting some wonderful people from all walks of life with a love for the series.


As with Ama, I'm so jealous you are going to Jordan Con, you will get to meet Jennifer, who organises it as well as practically running this place, lol

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