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Super Bowl Ads


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Anyone have any favorites?




I didn't watch much of the game, but I caught a little and a few commercials. The ones that stuck out included the cute little kid in a darth vader costume who went around his house trying to use the force.


Also the car commercial where the two guys were talking about how they would make a car commercial. They kept switching to and from all the common cliches in car commercials and it was pretty humorous.


I really didn't like the Kim Kardashian commercial - I can't believe they could air that one.


The other really bad one I saw was the Coke commercial with a dragon and some sort of furry orc assaulting a castle with mirror-image furry orcs, but sans dragon. That one made no sense to me with the fireworks and watnot.

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^ didn't catch many of them either. normally theres a site floating around the net that has all the commercials veiwable; anyone have a link?? if i can dig one up, i'll post it.



i did catch the Darth Vadar one and loved it!! the kid was so expressive in his mannerisms, and you could picture what his face looked liek each time. it's amazing that the kid who played in that commercial has actually never even seen Star Wars too lmao.



the coke on, i liekd it ... though i thought it was a video game or an extension pack for WoW commercail :laugh: the CGI for it and visual art work was great. plus, it markets to a whole different group of coke drinkers (gammers & fantasy geeks)



my other fav was the pepsi commercail. the one where the cooler shot the guy in the privates then hit him in the head with a pepsi can. also, the movie commercials were great!!! so can't wait for Captain America, Transformers 3 & Thor!!!!

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