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I just recently signed up here like ten minutes ago. I was a frequent lurker on WOTism before it shut down, but I doubt anyone who knew me there would remember me, so a fresh name is just as well. I'm a junior in high school with an anti-hero complex. As such, my hormones are running wild.


I like to role play, and it infuriates me that tabletop rpgs aren't more popular. I've been trying to get into Dungeons and Dragons, but none of my female friends ever want to, and I want to feel somehow better than a Hollywood nerd in a cape or something.


I'm a stubborn advocate of obscenities, blasphemies, and anything that offends people. I figure, words are just words. It takes, in my honest opinion, a certain kind of stupid to hate words. I expect to bash heads about that here, just as much as I expect it anywhere.


That said, I'm more than okay with playing by rules. I throw f-bombs around a lot in private (well... public, too) but I can hold my tongue where authority can get at me. It's taken a lot of maturing to accept living with authority.


I love words. Words are beautiful. Jordan's vocabulary and descriptions ensnared me in the series just as surely as any of the characters. Back to what I said a minute ago, I can't help but wonder how obscenity shows a limited intelligence or vocabulary.


I'm very liberal, and I'm in the process of being raised in a very conservative town. I've developed a resentment toward most conservative institutions. But I can live and let live with the best of 'em.


I'm an Atheist, and I take a bit of flak for it. I can roll with the punches. C'est la vie. I am not antitheist, far from it, I think religion can be a beautiful thing and plan to get a degree in some sort of religious study, so I hope the religious frequenters don't take offense. I can put aside differences, so long as you take my hand and walk with me.


I'll answer to Rhogar (the name of one of my role play characters), Idiostock (my xbox live gamertag), or Charles (my legitimate name) with equal ease, so pick your favorite and I hope we become the best of Internet friends!

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Hi Rhogar! Welcome to DM!


Have you had time to check out our role-play section? If not you should, it's a lot of fun, and so are all the others areas of DM *tries not to appear biased* LOL


If you have any questions or need a hand with anything just yell out :)



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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


I hope you are enjoying your time at the site so far! There are many great areas on the site (I will be biased *cough" Band of the Red Hand Social Group *cough*), so feel free to check them all out. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions if you get stuck or lost, or just want a bit of advice.

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