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    Note: My avatar is of Couladin from the Wheel of Time saga. I found the image on wot.wikia.com, and do not claim to have created the image. Unfortunately, I am not certain of the artist.
  1. If Ingtar had redemption that wasn't through death, it would be very cool, but I like his character. Sheriam and Weiramon were the least exciting. I'm of two minds about Rand's apparent power.
  2. I have two friends that have read the series, neither of whom knew each other and none of us had anything to do with the others reading. Also, I met a guy on xbox live named "Mazrim Taim" and later "Shadar Logoth"
  3. Paolini has always borrowed (read: stolen) heavily from other fantasy, and the first book was like an English lesson on Heroic Journeys.
  4. actually during rereads every so often Egwene refers to him as Al'thor Really now? Can you cite a couple examples? Not doubting, I'm genuinely interested to see it.
  5. On names: It's a case of how a person introduces themself. Let's call me John Smith. I can introduce myself as John, Johnny, John Smith, or Mr Smith. Whichever someone is accustomed to because how they think of me. Compare how Rand initially called Fain "Padan Fain" in the sense that they were acquainted, but not close, and Fain was his elder. We can assume that when they met, Fain did a bow and named himself Padan Fain, maybe with a kenning. Fain never had a personal closeness with Rand, so he calls Rand "Al'Thor" much like Niall and Elaida. The Forsaken had trouble with calling him Lews
  6. It looks like Johnny lost his fiddle duel this time. (Asmodean sold his soul to the Devil the DO for everlasting fame)
  7. aMoL needs a Lan v. Gholam fights, because it would be awesome and would give a benchmark to the Lan/Mat skill levels, ie who wrecked the gholam harder.
  8. *Siddhartha Gautama, but yeah, good catch.
  9. There's the fact that the TR people are afraid to leave, so none of the potentials go to the WT of their own accord.
  10. I understand RJ was deeply against an expanded universe, but I would be very pleased to watch the beginning of a Star Wars-esque EU. I would like two more books, because I don't want the series to end. I would like one more book, because I want to finish the series. Mixed feelings.
  11. Materese, I believe, the badass healer is a reference to Mother Teresa
  12. I'm interested to hear how you could tell Avi immediately. As I recall, she was saving Egwene's sorry ass at the time.
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