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If there are any other new users or fans looking, this does contain SPOILERS!


Hey, just started reading these about a year and four months ago. I got the first book for my birthday in 2009 and thought it would be something I'd never be into. I immediately looked at the cover and said, "It looks like some Medieval bullcrap." But I guess the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" really paid off, because right after Winternight in 'The Eye of the World' things got extremely interesting, and now I'm on book nine and loving it. I'm just amazed by how epic this series really is. It's very complex, and sometimes something almost negligible turns up in one book, and three or four books later, it becomes essential to the plot. Lots of twists and turns keep it interesting and exciting.


Anyways, so far what I've found to be most shocking:


-Egwene being chosen as the rebel Amyrlin. I was in complete shock when that happened.


-Nynaeve Healing being stilled. This was unbelievable.


-Moiraine dying...although I hate myself for looking at the glossary for the thirteenth book and spoiling myself with something I shouldn't have seen.


-Moridin as Naeblis. This guy's really interesting, and since I'm only on "Winter's Heart", I don't know what to make of him (or her???) yet. I don't want to be spoiled about him (or any of the Forsaken). Alas, I accidentally spoiled myself with seeing that Graendal forms some sort of pact with Rand later and that Mesaana dies in Book 13 and that Aran'gar is Balthamael. Don't tell me if I'm right or wrong (if it's been revealed yet), but my guess right now: Moridin is either Lanfear or Ishamael. However, I kind of think, given the whole sex change thing as a show of the Dark One's humor, that Oran'gar is Lanfear.


-Morgasse being driven out of Amador and assumed dead.


-Siuan's stilling/disposal as Amyrlin.



And my favorite characters are definitely the Forsaken. They're all so fascinating, and I'm kept in such mystery about them as they only pop up every now an then. Lanfear was the obvious favorite; she's hot, seductive, smart, and extremely powerful and cunning. Graendal is beautiful and fierce and seems to have somethin up her sleeve. Damodred (sp?) has been lurking around a lot in his mission to become Naeblis, and so far I'm thinking he has something up his sleeve too. Mesaana is one of my favorites; I love how she's described as having a voice like chimes and always shrouds herself in mysterious disguises when speaking with Aliadrin (forgot her name, probably off). Sammael was alright but I figured he'd be canned. Ishamael's story as Ba'alzamon was intriguing. Balthamael and Aginor never had much room to grow as they were the first to get wacked off, and Be'lal was only featured very briefly. Moghedien has been an endearing part of the stories and is fascinating. Semirrhage thus far hasn't showed up, but I expect that to change. And I always seem to forgot Asmodean. I'm thinking it was Shadar Haran that visited him in Book 5. Shadar Haran, Moridin, and Cyndane are all very interesting and mysterious, too. AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DARK ONE!

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Welcome :biggrin:

I suppose you've already noticed, but be aware of the fact that in the general WOT discussion board people discuss about everything up to the Gathering Storm. It's a shame you've already read some spoilers, but the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. :wheel: Now back to reading, you haven't read everything yet! :darkone:

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Heya TSC! Welcome to DM!!


I love it when we get new readers at DM, i think it's because i have been reading WoT for so long i forget how it felt for it to be all shiny and new LOL


I hope you enjoy your time here at DM, there's something for everyone here :D If you have any questions or need a hand on the boards just yell out :)



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