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  1. Exactly my thought, Mescorpio ;p And thank you for posting the art of course, Jennifer. ;)
  2. Do dragons actually exist in our world? I think you shouldn't dwell on this too much; It's probably just like Brandon said: a symbol of something, with a meaning long lost. The people in Randland may seem not be thinking outside the box, they can come up with fantasy creatures and things like that just as we can. But that they were discovered in a mirror world sometime before the Age of Legends as you said seems a good possibility to me as well. Anyway, I don´t think this will have any meaning in the story; still nice you noticed this.
  3. Thanks for posting some beautiful art again, I really this art; still wish I could make something like this myself.
  4. Perrin will find a way to get out alive - ta'veren. ;)
  5. I use the flame quiet often when I have to work very hard or something and it works indeed because you focus more or something. It´s a shame I´ve never found saidin... ;( I've also experienced those: - You now use WoT curses rather than regular, real life curses (now and then) - You add the word 'bloody' everywhere in your sentences, à la Mat Cauthon ^^ (same) - You dream about WoT almost every night. Epic dreams at that (daydreams ;p) - You have to remind yourself that WoT is NOT real life. - You're in a traffic jam and wish you could weave a portal to get you home faster.
  6. You want more hugs for the Dragon Reborn? You're as silly as Elayne. Nice ones indeed, TinaHel ;) I would like to have the music sheet of some of Asmodean's music (though I suppose I'll have to learn harp as well in the case I get it)... But really, I would like to know as much as possible about all characters and peoples. No matter what as long as it is realistic and not some happy-ending-with-everyone-being-happy-ending.
  7. Would love to experience the same thing with A Memory of Light. A friend of mine has read the series up to tGS I believe, but he doesn't talk about it. I sometimes try to convince some others to read the series as well, but then I also play the recorder and try to convert them to the Nobuo Uematsuism and.. wel never mind ;p
  8. As jemron said; really nice! This picture ofLan is very nice too.
  9. Legendary! Thanks a lot, hope you'll make some more!
  10. I think, or hope at least that Demandred will be awesome in A Memory of Light (can't wait for the book anyway). Seems possible, but (something I've always wondered) why has Ishamael always been the number 1 forsaken while Demandred is always described as the second best in the Age of Legends, just behind Lews Therin? Because of that Ishamael is the only one truly dedicated to the Dark One because of his philosophy?
  11. Welcome I suppose you've already noticed, but be aware of the fact that in the general WOT discussion board people discuss about everything up to the Gathering Storm. It's a shame you've already read some spoilers, but the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. Now back to reading, you haven't read everything yet!
  12. In the dream in TGS where Moridin and Rand 'meet', Moridin seems to discover he's connected to Rand. And that was already after the scene Rand was collared, isn't it? So I would say no.
  13. Dreamed that only while awake. I almost never remember my dreams and even when I do so I forget them very quickly. There's just one dream I've remembered a longer time (as far as I still remember), but that was some kind of nightmare, which is quite difficult to explain.
  14. Ah, your friends don't know what they're missing ;( I sometimes try to make people addicted to WOT, but I've only succeeded with my sister ;p Welcome anyway
  15. I think it would lower Rand's morale to like what had in the Gathering Storm: "Light, I suffered all this just for being a character in a book!?" Ow and Demandred would laugh indeed about how much we - many of us - love the awesome character! I've know idea who would get the biggest shock, but I'd say everyone shall be quite surprised.
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