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Forkroot temporarily impairs the ability to channel. It's discovery has been significant. Without it, Faile would still be a prisoner.


What would happen if Nynaeve stumbled upon a new herb. One that could temporarily allow a non-channeling person to have the ability to channel? "Anti-forkroot".


This thought came to me in the shower (that's where I do my best thinking). Have some fun with it.






If this is a subject that has already been thoroughly discussed and I don't know about it...OOOPPPPSSS!!! :blush:

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"Anti-forkroot" to me would actually be something that reverses the effects of Forkroot for the people Forkroot applies.



Something that gives a non-channeling person the ability to channel (even temporarily), that to me would be something else. What exactly, I am not sure; maybe "pseudo-forkroot".



By the way, temporarily disabling channeling is not Forkroot's only effect.

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Forkroot was totally unheard of until the episode with the yellow spy. Before that, if you had told any channeling person that the herb existed they would have laughed at you. And then they probably would have slapped you with an invisible Air stick.


Until this thread was created, the concept of an herb that could allow a "normal" person to channel just did not occur to anyone or it would be an ancient topic. What if EVERYONE has an unlocked ability to channel? Anti-forkroot could be the key.


Fear might keep some people from trying it. I fear cocaine. They might feel the same way about playing with the One Power. Others might embrace the opportunity and become addicted. "Hey, man...can you score me some A-F? I haven't channeled in DAYS!!!".


Large quantities in the hands of a General could lead to an army of channelers. Here in Michigan we have people who grow marijuana for medical use. Maybe "A-F" farms will become popular in Randland. Before they can use the stuff in battle, the generals will need enough to properly train their troops.


Here I go hogging the whole thread again. Sorry. Please. Enjoy this idea. Let your imagination fly free. It's fun. Try it...you'll LIKE it! :biggrin:

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I still don't think it would make any impact. Maybe on the long run, but if everyone could channel because of some herb, they still would have to learn to use that new ability. That takes time; most Aes Sedai have spent years as a novice and even more years as an Accepted. In the long run you could raise massive armies of channelers (which is possible already), but that would still take years.

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