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Padan Fain: Where was he going in the Prologue?


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Hi all


In the Prologue to TOM, we see Padan Fain in the Blight killing this, that and the other. At the end of his segment he says it's time to kill Rand. He comments that you "didn't hunt something when you knew exactly where it was going to be. You merely showed up to meet it".


Now this got me thinking about the Moridin and Rand connection. I always thought the Min viewing about Rand and the 2 people or was it 3, always referred to Rand and Moridin, not Rand and Lewis Therin. So with this in mind we know that Moridin and Rand have this link and that Moridin is housed somewhere in the Blight.


So could it be possible that Padan Fain is heading towards where he thinks Rand is but in fact it is Moridin (with the Rand link, does that make sense??).


When Fain turns up, confused as he thought he was heading towards Rand, so in a moment of anger he drop kicks Moridin, thus fulfilling the Min viewing of one will survive. Of course this does put a crimp in the Rand\Moridin body swap theory!


Ah my head hurts now...

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