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Hi! I´m a new member and thought I should introduce myself. I started to read The Wheel of time eleven years ago. I loved the story from the beginning, was a bit disapointed in the middle and now I´m anxious to know the end. When you read my thoughts in the future so please try and forgive my spelling and grammar. :)

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Welcome Welcome Welcome! I am Nargbert and today I am playing a friendly greeter! This is tough for me for I am a trolloc... though I am supposed to be a warder as well. Still working on blending the two. :biggrin:


Don't worry about the spelling and grammer. We have people from all over and with all kinds of different grammer skills. Do you think a trolloc could always type like this? I think not!


So stick around, say hello in the different orgs and divs... and if you get a chance, stop by the White Tower org and say hello to the warders! Because we are special! *points out they let a trolloc in*


And if you have any questions... just ask!

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