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Balefiring Rahvin did not undo his battle with Rand in Tel'aran'rhiod


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Rand using a sang'real hits Rahvin with a beam of balefire so powerful that he erases Rahvin's actions taken in the last 30 minutes at least. This way he restores Mat, Asmodean and Avhienda --sort of...


But why his balefire did not undo his battle with Rahvin too? I mean he erased Rahvin from pattern.


Quote from Encyclopedia WOT:


"It is curious that his injuries did not disappear when he balefires Rahvin. Is this a peculiarity of Tel'aran'rhiod or does it mean that someone else set the fishpond trap? At signings, Jordan has stated that this effect is an artifact of Tel'aran'rhiod, not an indication of another conspirator."


I think this was possible because Tel'aran'rhiod is the world of dreams. If something happens you there you may die but not every action taken in Tel'aran'rhiod is reflected on real world exactly.


Now Rand erases Rahvin from pattern (and Rahvin was there in flesh) so deeply that his balefire undoes Rahvin's actions taken in the real world too --Mat's death ect (I wonder if he could undo Rahvin's actions in real world if he and Rand were not there in flesh, if we consider that not every action taken there reflects on real world but I digress, please read on).


But why this does not undo their battle in Tel'aran'rhiod?


It seems Tel'aran'rhiod tries to restore itself even if some part of it is destroyed by balefire. Remember Tel'aran'rhiod's flickering in TFOH?


Granted that Jordan states in TFOH that Rand's balefire was so powerful that even Tel'aran'rhiod could not try to restore itself by flickering at least for hours to come.



But I think Tel'aran'rhiod's "self preservation" tendency or "inertia" if you prefer prevented Rand's balefire to undo his battle with Rahvin there. Despite his balefire being so powerful that even Tel'aran'rhiod did not flicker (this could be a counterpoint to my theory I admit).


So what do you think?

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TAR is a place where what you believe to be is the truth. Rand believed what Rahvin did to him, so the effects on Rand are caused... by Rand. Rand accepts Rahvins attack, and makes it his own. I had written out a reasoning here that clearly counterpoints it, and then realized everything would be spoilerish for TOM (forgot for a second this was the spoilerfree board)..

I agree with something alluded in one of the other threads on this board within the last 24 hours - I don't think channeling in TAR is real (when ther ein the dream) it is reality because the person doing it imagines it, and because they know channeling works it is very powerful for them.

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