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  1. I know this is an old question but the last book is coming so it is worth asking: What will happen if Rand defeats the Dark One? Is this a cycle or linear time, the ultimate end? Or will Dragon return to fight the Dark One again? When future Aes Sedai, thousands of years later will drill another bore into the Pattern? If this is a cycle, Ishamael and Dragon will fight each other endlessly. I find cyclic time very depressing. I want a definite ending. But if Dark One is not evil and only the counterpart of the Creator, it can't be truly defeated right? But what about
  2. Although I used the term "normal" only to indicate that I don't think being gay is wrong or something that needs to be cured I totally agree with you :).
  3. If they are underreprepsented that should be corrected.
  4. Hopefully after you originally formed your opinion on how a gay character would be received in this world, you've since read through this thread and noticed the quote from RJ stating that there are gay characters and homosexuality is just accepted as a matter of course. There is no reason for the characters to be closeted in the WoT world. Jordan's reply is the best. Gays are naturally accepted in WOT world as it should be in our world. There is no need to create special gay characters just to emphasize this. Being gay is like being black or tall --whatever... All too normal. I really d
  5. I think ToM tells us why Cyndane is weaker than Lanfear. I think it is a clear and obvious answer. But since no ToM spoilers here, RAFO :).
  6. I was thinking about the size. That size you talk of is made by 1 person. Some make as big as 2 vagons passing through at once if I remember correctly. That's alone. How huge a gateway could full circle of Aes Sedai and Asha'man together make? It'd be absolutely massive...That enhanced with Aviendha's/Elayne's ability to make the gateways explode could be rather useful in battle.(Even if it was done by an accident, they know how it happened so they should be able to repeat the process xD ) Actually you can't make huge gateways by linking people. As Asmodean said in TFOH opening a g
  7. Ok it seems I was confused. Read this quote from the Encyclopedia WOT. "TFoH,Ch54 - Nynaeve uses the amber plaque to enter Tel'aran'rhiod with Siuan who uses the twisted ring. Because the amber plaque brings one only faintly into Tel'aran'rhiod Nynaeve can barely channel."
  8. Rand using a sang'real hits Rahvin with a beam of balefire so powerful that he erases Rahvin's actions taken in the last 30 minutes at least. This way he restores Mat, Asmodean and Avhienda --sort of... But why his balefire did not undo his battle with Rahvin too? I mean he erased Rahvin from pattern. Quote from Encyclopedia WOT: "It is curious that his injuries did not disappear when he balefires Rahvin. Is this a peculiarity of Tel'aran'rhiod or does it mean that someone else set the fishpond trap? At signings, Jordan has stated that this effect is an artifact of Tel'aran'rhiod,
  9. OK this is confusing to me. In TFOH we see that Nynaeve cannot channel fire in Tel'aran'rhiod, only spirit. In fact she captures Moghedien in Tel'aran'rhiod by imagining an a'dam around her neck, not by using one power. And she subdues Moghedien by keeping this image of her being captured in her mind firmly --despite Moghedien's attempts to imagine herself being released. She practically defeats Moghedien in a contest of wills! But then Nynaeve uses Moghedien's power to weave a wall of fire and send it to Rahvin. And Rahvin burns! Now I thought you can only channel spirit in Te
  10. Try Helloween's 7 Sinners album. For instance Who is Mr. Madman can be a Balthamael soundtrack. Far in the Future could be a soundtrack for Be'lal weaving a trap for Rand in TDR. Also try Helloween's Gambling with the Devil album. Try to read the lyrics of each song. I am sure that you can construct a WOT moment or a clip WOT moments fitting in every song. For instance Dreambound can be Rand's eulogy to his women and his fear of Forsaken when he did not know how to shield his dreams. I've lost my soul in the game he plays No doubt that he won't spare me Hunting me, trapped in his cha
  11. Well, no, because they're ethnically diverse. I don't remember the books ever really saying what Hawkwing looked like, though. Hey thank you guys! You went above and beyond the call with all of your detailed answers and it makes sense --people scattered and all.
  12. Who are these people mentioned in TFOH? I mean their nationality. One fellow with a dark forked beard wore silver chains across the chest of his plain blue coat, and two with their hair in braids-men, with a black braid over each ear below their shoulders!-had tiny brass bells sewn to their red coatsleeves and the turneddown tops of thigh-high boots.
  13. OK, I know that RJ defines Rahvin and Semirhage as dark people along with the Sea Folk but are they black like Afro-Americans or just dusty white men? In fact is there a country where Blacks are more common? And are there Asians like people resembling Chinese and Japanese?
  14. You know I read that chapter maybe 10 times yesterday evening and it never occurred to me! I guess I was tired :P
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