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It's twue, it's twue!


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Since I've already posted, I figured I'd better introduce myself. So,, uh, hi! :D


Some vital stats: 30, female, personal trainer. I enjoy weight training, yoga, and to make up for all of that healthy stuff I enjoy good food and love good beer. Especially ugly beer, like a good imperial stout. You know, the kind of beer you can stick a spoon in and expect the spoon to stay upright. (This is probably why I identify with Birgitte so strongly. It certainly can't be because of my aim.)


Some favorite movies: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Ghostbusters; and of course Blazing Saddles gets an honorable mention, though if you've seen it you should already have guessed that much from my username. Also, Madeleine Kahn, Amy Sedaris, and Terry Pratchett are my idols.


Nice to meet y'all. I'm late to the party, given that there's only one book left, but I just look at it as a good excuse to beg Mr. Sanderson to write those outriggers.

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I twuly wuv Tewwy Pwatchett too!! :biggrin:


You do sound awfully like Birgitte ... I'm sure that aim of yours can be worked on :wink:


So has anything on these boards caught your interest? IE would you be interested in joining one (or more) of the Social Groups, or perhaps the RPing Groups, or just here for the various Discussion Groups?

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I'm Lessa and welcome to DM!!!


I'm from the Warders Guild in the White Tower and you should really check it out. I've made alot of good friends over there and it doesn't matter who you are. Don't forget you can also be part of more than one org So come stop by the White Tower and the Warders Guild because they will be happy to meet you :biggrin:

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