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My WoT problems


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First off I love WoT so don't be too mean lol. My main problem with WoT is that I'm a total Rand, Matt and Perrin, up to book 8,fan. I hate to admit it but I've skipped entire chapeters over numerous main, and minor charecters just to read about the Dragon, The Prince of Ravens and Goldeneyes. I just wish their wasn't as many minor charecters.


Problem 2, I CAN'T stand The White Tower, they just seem like tyrants to me and it just annoys me lol. Well those are my problems.

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I did that on my re-read for TOM. Elayne, Nynaeve, and to some extent Egwene all suck from about book 4 to book... 10? Something like that. They're just monumentally boring in their story arcs. It's the same for every character at some point or another. The only three characters (for me) with no boring and monotonous scenes are Mat above all, Moiraine, and Rand. Every scene from the POV of a Forsaken/darkfriend is the exact same. Replace DO with someone above the other in hierarchy when applicable..



Evil person: QQ. I iz sorry.

DO: Okay, I'll threaten you, and then give you yet another chance to fail despite it being your 24th fail.

Evil person: Thank you! I won't let you down.


10 minutes later.



Evil person: QQ. I iz sor--- etc.


500 failures later.


DO: I've had enough!

*evil person dies with no real detail given*



I think RJ picked up all his villains from The Reject Shop. No other novel wanted them.

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Nynaeve, Elayne, and Mat at least are enjoyable to read. Not a fan of the other three, myself.

Every scene from the POV of a Forsaken/darkfriend is the exact same.
Now, there are plenty of problems with the plot development of Jordan's villains, but this is simply untrue.
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Yeah, I think there's a more-or-less acceptance that the series has gotten a little... Reluctant. Reluctant to end minor story arcs, that is. Thinking about it, I believe the only story act ever concluded was the Prophet. Everything else just keeps on ticking, sadly enough.

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I think RJ picked up all his villains from The Reject Shop. No other novel wanted them.


People often say that see it that way, only to change their minds once they look at what the forsaken have actually done.


Asmo: gave couladin his fake dragon tattoos. As a result, the Shaido attacked Cairhien, and then caused all kinds of trouble until Perrin finally beat them in KOD.


Mesaana: broke the WT, most likely was behind rands kidnapping.

Semirhage: destroyed the Seanchan empire, blew up Rands hand, came close to turning Rand to the shadow.

Graendal: have pretty much destroyed Arad doman from within. Kidnapped the Sharan "rulers", which might have played a part in the civil war that sems to be going on there.

Sammael: almost got Rand killed in SL, only failed because Moridin helped Rand.

Balthamel/Aran'gar: her messing with Egwene helped keeping the WT split going.

Lanfear: had it not been for Moiraines sacrifice, she would either have killed Rand, or brought him to Shayol Ghul, for a good dosis of 13x13 or a cour'sovra.

Ishamael/Moridin: created the Black Ajah, messed with the Seanchan version of the Karaethon Cycle,

Demandred: Unkonwn exactly what he has been up to, but the DO seems quite pleased, so he has hardly spent his time breeding puppies. One of the two main suspects for messing with Masemas head (the other one being Moghedien)

Rahvin: controlled the most powerful nation in Randland, killed Mat.

Be'lal: would have killed Rand and taken callandor, had it not been for Moiraine balefiring him from behind.

Moghedien and Aginor are the only ones to not have caused any major damage.


So. looking at the state of the world at the end of TGS, and problems caused by the forsaken...

Tuon refuses to ally theSseanchan with Rand, because of Ishamaels messing with their prophecies.

Elayne may hold the Lion Throne, but thanks to Rahvin there are still houses opposing her.

The remains of the Shaido are heading towards the waste, planning to sit out TG, instead of adding their forces to the Aiel following Rand.

Arad Doman have nearly ceased to exist as a nation, while Altara, Tarabon and Amadacia are controlled by the Seanchan

Egwene may be the Amyrlin, but the wounds from the split are still there.

Civil war in seanchan.

Possibly civil war in shara, at least there is fighting.

Rand has serious PTSD after his kidnapping, orchestrated by Mesaana.


And this is just listing the blatantly obvious things, there is a lot more when you start digging.

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No argument from me either. I love the series but it suffers from pacing issues.

Many of the sub plots we have to plow through could have been part of an extra series of books for those who want more details.


One of the things that bugs me it not only the number of plots and subplots but how some of the main plots seem to be resolved in a flash.

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