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  1. Rand clearly has a large influence on Randland. I mean... that's half the reason it's called Randland. But when you think about it, the person with the most influence is the Dark One. Darkfriends everywhere, controls a never ending swarm of monsters (why do all evil guys in stories seem to zerg it?), I suspect if he wanted to he could have more gholam to easily wipe out the entire White Tower's channeling population, even if only one was doing it. Anyway, most leaders at this stage seem to be caring less and less about the White Tower and care more about Rand. Still, as anyone can tell
  2. I could just be blind but I've not seen any free discussion topic on favourite characters. Most just seem to be polls on a select few. So, since The Wheel of Time has enough named characters to fill a small city, I figure it may as well be your top ten. Or as many as you want, really. Feel free to give reasons for why they're your favourites. Mine are (SPOILER WARNING): 1. Moiraine and Mat as equal first. Moiraine for being one of few characters who is focused entirely on the Last Battle. Even when it seemed like she was manipulating, everything she did leaned towards winning
  3. This was such a hilarious fail I couldn't help but point it out. Rand gathers Ituralde and gets him into the Borderlands to assist in holding off the invasion of trollocs. Rand brings Bashere and his army to Maradon. Rand sees the courage and light in the men at Maradon and decides they've done enough. He then proceeds to risk everything to save them and wipes out 'hundreds of thousands' (that is a quote) of trollocs. Rand meets the utterly stupid Borderlanders who thought to meet Rand they needed to bring just about every single soldier in the Borderlands with them, risking all of huma
  4. If we are assuming that our world is a part of the WoT world, I believe this time would come long before the age depicted in the books. Still, the single largest reason WoT will be my favourite series ever is because there is no real beginning or end to the overall story. Even more of a reason is that after the series has ended there will be an unstoppable flood of fan fiction about other ages etc. Technically, if RJ had wanted to, he could have kept this series going for as long as he lived. Finish the third age, begin the next one. That would of course ruin the series.
  5. I don't have the books handy so instead of actual quotes I will have to use my general memory. Sorry, I know that makes my case less compelling. There are several times that Min says the only time she feels any warmth or emotion (otherwise he is an inhuman stone) through the bond is when he looks at her. She works with Cadsuane in Far Madding when Rand is captured and she feels him hardening himself. But mostly it is just that she shows him love and support no matter what. She treats him like a man and not the Dragon Reborn. He has the world on his shoulders. Nobles and Aes Sedai constantly pl
  6. Talk about a non sequitur. I doubt very much that anyone who isn't a Min fan, or even any of randsc's evil feminists, would be more inclined to become a Min fan if she tortured her friends. No, they wouldn't. That's why I dropped that part of the quote. The fact remains that some people (not evil, just maybe a bit blindered) cannot see a female character as admirable if she plays second fiddle to a man. This attitude is evident in those who complain that she is nothing more than a sex toy. I'll agree that Min is no hero, so far. But she shouldn't be scorned for not being an a
  7. Min is one of my favourite characters. 1. Min didn't cause Elayne's stupidity, Elayne caused that. It seems to be the case with every female character in this series that doesn't behave like a male. 2. Min is the only person in the entire novel that doesn't either bow down and scheme behind Rand's back, doesn't treat him as someone doomed to destroy the world, and doesn't see him in some way or another as a tool. One could argue that Elayne and Aviendha also fit those descriptions, but the two of them have hardly done anything to help Rand. 3. Min helped Siuan get out of the tower.
  8. All physical senses are generated by the mind. It's possible to ignore absolutely every single sense by forcing your mind not to simulate the signals sent from the nervous system. With training, one could single out senses not to be simulated. How else do you think people manage to put searingly hot things in their mouths for records? There's also the placebo effect, where when one strongly believes something is going to happen to their body, it does. Doctors use it all the time by giving patients a pill that does absolutely nothing but they say it will make them better. Because the patient s
  9. I did that on my re-read for TOM. Elayne, Nynaeve, and to some extent Egwene all suck from about book 4 to book... 10? Something like that. They're just monumentally boring in their story arcs. It's the same for every character at some point or another. The only three characters (for me) with no boring and monotonous scenes are Mat above all, Moiraine, and Rand. Every scene from the POV of a Forsaken/darkfriend is the exact same. Replace DO with someone above the other in hierarchy when applicable.. DO: YOU HAVE FAILED. Evil person: QQ. I iz sorry. DO: Okay, I'll threaten you, and then g
  10. I'd just thought of another funny theory about Taim. Lews Therin absolutely hates the guts of Demandred. Whenever Mazrim Taim shows up, Lews Therin starts screaming about killing him. Connection? Maybe. Anyway, about Egwene. Another reason I hate her is that shortly after becoming Amrylin she promised that The White Tower would not interfere with Wise Ones or Athan Miere Windfinders. Not too long later she is trolling about trying to get as many as she can. Her 'THEWHITETOWERISEVERYTHINGSCREWRANDALTHORHESHOULDBEKNEELINGTOUS' attitude makes me hate her. As always Mat seems to be one of
  11. I don't consider Verin a major character. She's just a recurring character. Her death doesn't shake the foundations of anything. Perrin's family? Not one of them got any time in the entire book. Perhaps of Tam or Abell had died it would have mattered, but Perrin's family? I don't recall them being involved in anything anytime ever. This series really does annoy me on this topic. We've got all these 'miasmas' that appear out of nowhere, especially later on, and not one ever just so happens to come near a main character. I'm referring to the insta-death ones by the way, like that guard th
  12. The only main female characters I actually like in WoT are Moiraine (above all) and Min. You can probably add Aviendha to that because she's a total fruit loop. She doesn't have a care in the world about Rand seeing her naked, then one time she's so afraid of it that she somehow creates a gateway to Seanchan and almost freezes to death. I'm trying to think of what male character I like the least... but if you exclude all the nobles and the Forsaken (who are all total pushovers) I can't think of any...
  13. Above all else, I would remove all the padding in this series. So... reduce it from 14 books total to more like 3. (I'm exaggerating of course.) Secondly, being my happily ever after ending hating self, I wouldn't write the ending in the way it will inevitably end. (Last Battle is fought, Rand *should* die, somehow survives, happily ever after until the Dark One pops up again) Instead, I would make it awesome. For example, instead of the Dark One breaking free, it turns into a pun with the Dark One banging on a sheet of glass over his prison screaming for them to let him out. OR, the Dar
  14. I don't know about anyone else, but for stupidity I think Elaida deserves the gold medal. I'm currently re-reading A Crown of Swords. Whilst reading the prologue, I noticed Elaida thinking 'Alviarin really is a fool.' right after telling Alviarin to send fifty sisters to stop the Black Tower and its '2 or 3' male channelers, and believing that the rebel Aes Sedai only have 3000 troops in their army, an army being lead by a Gareth Bryne, one of the Great Captains. There had been even more stupidity involving her, such as how she wants a palace that has a spire taller than the White Tower. I un
  15. I agree. This talk of bad names is ridiculous. You say Brandon's names are bad and stand out? Every single time I see a mention of 'Faile' I see 'Fail.' I never noticed any major difference in names. All of RJ's names are ones you would never see in real life and many took quite a bit of time to get used to (I still often pronounce Moiraine as Moraine instead of Mwaraine.) Just wondering, are you all actually looking for a reason to say Brandon isn't as good as RJ in writing style?
  16. If you can't remember what the One Power is after reading through six books, there's something wrong with your memory. By the way, you gave a summary of the general plot of LOTR. Just a summary, of the main plot, with absolutely no mention of any story arcs that affect that main plot. There's a difference between story and padding. I'll do the same for Eye of the World. Five people are spirited away from their small village by a woman and a man. They are split up, and find each other again in a city. Then they go to that evil place up north, find an ogiertreetreantacorneye 'Green Man',
  17. Description is all well and good, but there's a difference between descriptiveness and over-padding. One of my friends wouldn't keep reading the books because he was sick of there being an introduction for things he already knew at the beginning of every single book. It seems like RJ was attempting to make this series one that would make sense for someone who picks it up halfway through, which just isn't possible. The first hundred to two hundred pages of every book after the third is at a snail pace because it tries to explain every single part of the WoT world even though you already know al
  18. Oooh thanks for the map. Though in a way the two separate blights are a bit confusing.
  19. Considering the people that wrote about that history only knew of their small little part of the world, they could easily believe that it did break the entire world. Just look at our own history.
  20. I would have loved a story arc involving Shara. Aside from one mere mention of the place in LoC, there has been no where in the entire series that I remember any more than a 'Lands beyond the waste, where people who go beyond walled cities and ports disappear,' line. With the series drawing to a close, I know it won't happen. Just like there won't be anything involving that Mad Man's Land or whatever it's called south of the Seafolk Isles. Would have been nice though. Shara has been one thing that has always made me wonder. Clearly, the world in The Wheel of Time that we are given is f
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