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  1. First off I love WoT so don't be too mean lol. My main problem with WoT is that I'm a total Rand, Matt and Perrin, up to book 8,fan. I hate to admit it but I've skipped entire chapeters over numerous main, and minor charecters just to read about the Dragon, The Prince of Ravens and Goldeneyes. I just wish their wasn't as many minor charecters. Problem 2, I CAN'T stand The White Tower, they just seem like tyrants to me and it just annoys me lol. Well those are my problems.
  2. My sophomore year I was sitting bored in study hall, when I looked beside me at the teachers tiny amount of books, and I noticed this cool looking book with an armoured guy and a woman on horses. Well I grabbed it and started reading, before I knew it study hall was out in a minute, soooo I slowy slipped it in my bag (uh o). From that point on finished it in a week then I googled it to see if there were any others and about had a heart attack when I saw all the names. Needless to say I better thank microsoft for my 360 breaking cause I read all of them up to KoD in 4 months.
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