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Hey guys


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Hey everyone, I was looking at getting into some of the rp action on these forums and was wondering if there was a fairly active rp goin on.

Had a read through all the new member info and have done a little bit of rp'ing before so any recommendations on where to start?


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Of course you'll have time for both! *nods firmly*


*Puts on Red shawl and drags you off to the BT, then puts on Gray shawl and drags you off to the Warders Yard* :biggrin:


Ooooyyy Arath! Devon! Got a fresh one for you guys!

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I'm Lessa and welcome to DM!!!


Feel free to come and visit us at the Social Group side :biggrin:


I'm from the Warders Guild in the White Tower and you should really check it out. I've made alot of good friends over there and it doesn't matter who you are. Don't forget you can also be part of more than one org So come stop by the White Tower and the Warders Guild because they will be happy to meet you

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