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The Warder Bond (Odd Thoughts)


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RJ said


Caleyna Sedai from Astoria, OR: Is it possible for an Ogier to be bonded as a Warder? I am not asking if it will happen, just if it is physically possible. We know that Ogier can be fierce warriors, so that shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps the bond could somehow reduce the Longing? An Ogier would make the perfect Warder for a Brown, if the bond were possible.

RJ: Such a bond would be possible, but an Ogier would find it a very strange thing to be asked to do. I can't think of an Ogier on this side of the Aryth Ocean who would be willing to accept.


This made me think. He was obviously referring to the Gardners when he said "on this side of the Aryth Ocean". I would think that it would be extremely interesting if either Toun or perhaps her pet damane Mylen bonded Hartha. A Death Watch Gardner would make an awesome Warder.The idea of seeing these hulking Ogier moving with a Warders speed and grace would be a truly terrifying sight to many.





Any thoughts.

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My understanding if bonding is that it is relatively new. Fairly ceetain the Forsaken were intrigued by it. I might go so far to say that it began around the Trolloc Wars, so Hawkwing would have missed out on it and the concept would have never travelled with either the Shara or Seachen expeditions. The concept would be quite alien to the culture or too similar to a'dams for Gardeners to acquiesce to such a thing. I also find it equally unlikely that the Seachan would allow a damane to bond anyone and anyone Ogier or human would want to be bonded to someone in an a'dam. And if sul'dam were to start bonding folk, they'd be collared as soon as discovered. But what do I know. Just a fan.

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