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  1. My understanding if bonding is that it is relatively new. Fairly ceetain the Forsaken were intrigued by it. I might go so far to say that it began around the Trolloc Wars, so Hawkwing would have missed out on it and the concept would have never travelled with either the Shara or Seachen expeditions. The concept would be quite alien to the culture or too similar to a'dams for Gardeners to acquiesce to such a thing. I also find it equally unlikely that the Seachan would allow a damane to bond anyone and anyone Ogier or human would want to be bonded to someone in an a'dam. And if sul'dam were to start bonding folk, they'd be collared as soon as discovered. But what do I know. Just a fan.
  2. Thanks all for your replies. It'll make my next read through even more interesting, if that were possible. But first I have to start/finish ToM. Envy me.
  3. One of the many things that has made the WoT my favorite books, if the fact that they a literary masterpieces IMO weren't enough, is the vast amount of theories, forums, opinions and reading in general available above and beyond the novels themselves. (How's that for a run on sentance) They stand out in my mind as the standard for, among many other things, the perfect example of 'the gift that keeps giving'. I've read Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Terry Goodkind, Isaac Assimov(?)-(may have spelled that wrong, I'm sure I did), among other authors. Whereas all of those forementioned authors are great in their own way and I could only dream to aspire to be as prolific, talented and successful as them. Robert Jordan smokes them all. I could only dream to dream to aspire... One of my favorite ways of describing the series, when trying to get other people to pick up it up, is to tell them "It's better then the Bible". All of the people I know that have read the series tend to agree. If TOOL is known for "Perfect music for an imperfect world." Then WoT is the perfect story... It has been an inexhaustable source of escapism for me throughout the years. For that and so much more Mr. Jordan, I thank you. May you rest in peace
  4. Thank you much for the reply/link. Went to the site and "WOW" Expansive, if indeed that is a word, would be quite apt in describing it. Lots of reading, interesting reading there. Much as I imagine a depository would be, if it were electronic, on the web... I jumped to the site, via the link, got hit by the 'wow' factor, bookmarked it, then hopped back here to post. I believe I could easily spend quite a bit of time reading through it 'a-z'. It may not be as good as a talk with Mr. Jordan himself, but it's as close as I'm going to get on this side of life, outside of talking with the Mrs. or BS. Which brings me to my next point which I decided to make a seperate post about.
  5. One of the lingering questions that I've wondered about Randland is just how the different nations/nationalities tied together, if at all, with our world. I'm sure this topic had been raised before, but it seems that I'm not tech-saavy enough to locate it on the forums or just lazy. I'm leaning towards the latter. Be that as it may any info into this topic would be profoundly interesting to me.
  6. Sounds interesting. I'll have to do that.
  7. Greetings from Las Vegas where most likely the weather is much better then where the majority of you are located. I originally picked up TGH while I was stationed in Italy while in the AF, way back in 92. Someone had abandoned it in the common room. I decided to pick it up (free being my second favorite four letter F word). It wasn't until 4 years later that I got around to reading it, I think the cover threw me off. Read most of the series about 3 times or so now. There 3 works of modern fiction that stand out to me as they have seemed to create a little 'pocket universe' in my imagination. Star Trek, The Simpsons, and The Wheel of Time. I could talk of the latter 2 all day, along with most mainstream comics and some anime. I'm a nerd and make no apologizes to that fact.
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