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Male Aes Sedai....question


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Hey guys,

Been lurking the forums for a few months now, but have not posted many times. This is my first read through so please don't rip me a new one if this is a stupid question... :)

Was just wondering about male Aes Sedai. Did the male Aes Sedai have a White Tower of their own, or did they share the tower with the females. Also, how many male Aes Sedai were there?

As stated above, this is my first read through so there is a good chance i could have just overlooked this...Thanks for any reply

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The White Tower was built after the breaking. The women weren't AS in the way the AoL AS were (I think they're wannabes) and the men were all crazy.


In the AoL there was no White Tower. The AS operated out of The Hall of Servants (Aes Sedai being old tounge for "Servants of All") And there was a central hall in the city of Pareen Dissen but every town and city or village with an AS living there has a branch of the Hall.


The modern White Tower is White because the symbol for Saidar on the ancient symbol of AS is the flame, which is white. When Rand gathers men who can channel they start to call their stronghold The Black Tower because Saidin on the ancient symbol is the fang, which is black (and the dragon's fang drawn on doors)


In the AoL half of the AS were men. Now the Asha'men are about 1/3 the size of the AS including AS novices and accepted.

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