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  1. Was just wondering about the WoT fanbases's favorite moments in the series thus far. Personally, one of mine is when Selene first shows up in the Great Hunt;there is something magical in those chapters in that book for me. Another for me is the prologue for Towers of Midnight when Zen Rand shows up:) Like i said, just curious:) Happy Reading
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering how many drafts you guys and gals think BSanderson will go through before finalizing AMoL. He is currently 20% on the 2nd. Just curious, Thx
  3. So guys and gals. Was just wondering if anyone has heard whether or not we will be able to buy the prologue and possibly the first Chapter of AMoL early. Thx for any feedback
  4. Ahhhh..ok cool....gives me plenty of time for a thorough re-read of the series then. Thanks for the reply:)
  5. Hey guys, Might have been discussed, I just haven't seen it. Will there be an early E Reader release for the Prologue and first chapter(s)of A Memory of Light? And also, I saw in a thread on this site that the expected release date is March 2012 for the full novel, where did that come from? Because that seems rather soon, not that I am complaining of course.
  6. I love this thread. I have had the same issue with keeping up with names, but mostly the factions/ septs/ clans, and the role that they play. I travel a lot for my job and have most of the books on CD or ipod. When i really get confused is when the names start to sound different from book to book. Haveing done only one full readthrough, i might consider jotting down some notes to help spark my memory for the read0through before AMoL comes out :)
  7. SO, in the Dragon Reborn, Verin tells Egwene that The Dark One and the Creator exist at the same time on many different worlds. Also, that the Dark One is imprisoned on all of these worlds. Was just wondering, is the DO imprisoned in Shaoul Guhl in all of these other worlds, or some other location? The reason I am asking is, with the way the Pattern is bending currently in the series, is it possible for the pattern to have bent a certain way to free the DO from his prison without anyone knowing it? Thoughts? Thanks
  8. Although i voted for Perrin as my favorite;while still true, was more intrigued by the "darker" characters. RJ just had a way of describing the forsaken. Even though we have really only had snipits of insight into most of the Forsaken, I find them far more interesting than most of the "good" guys. And up until book 8 or 9, i loathed most of the female characters in the series except for Min and Moraine. Wool Brained Idiot<-------
  9. Hey guys, Was just wondering if there is a direct link between the Children of the Light...and the Knights of Templar. Both groups seem to have blinders against all ideals that dont coincide with their beliefs, and both are easily identifiable by certain symbols/ colors on their uniforms.......just curious
  10. Could be Fan hype....just thought it interesting that it has been 2012 for several months, then all of a sudden was changed to 2013. Personally, I despise the idea of a movie. I would much rather them try something along the lines of "Game of Thrones" on HBO.
  11. Was just looking at some of my regular websites today, when i happened to see a status update on The Eye of the World movie at IMDB.com Might not be anything to it, but for quite some time now, the tentative release date has been 2012. When i checked today, it was set for 2013. Just curious if anyone knows anything Thanks
  12. Hey guys, Wasn't very sure which forum to post this in..so.....I was just wondering if Robert Jordan ever talked about authors that he liked to read. Surely at some point over the years, the man had to take a little vacation from Randland for a little R and R. And going a little off topic, what are a few of your favorite authors? personal favorites...Kurt Vonnegut(spelling) William S Burroughs C.S. Lewis Tolkien Gene Wolfe Thanks for any feedback
  13. Hey Guys and Gals, I dont know about you, but I am having some seriously mixed emotions about AMoL. On one hand, I cant wait to see our three Ta'veren friends we have all grown to love, dukeing out with the DO. There are so many plotlines that will hopefully come to a finality, that i dont even know where to start...Matt/tuon, Rand/Moridin, Perrin/Slayer... On the other hand, I know that this is it. No more speculating, no more cryptic character developments. I sometimes think that i dont want the last book to come out for a few years from now, because i dont want it to end. Just wanted to hear your thoughts...Bummed out or excited about the last book?
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