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Warder Bond of Damane


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Sorry if my English is not good, that's mostly because i'm a Dutchmen. I just finished TOM in English, because i was too curious what will happen and did not want to wait when the book is translated. But i have no questions about that.


I was wondering what will happen with a warder when his Aes Sedai becomes a Damane. I can't find any specific in the books. And i was curious about that.


Will the Warders feel the same pain, or will the bond break? I have no ideas about it, maybe someone knows the answer?

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The bond definitely would not break; the damane is linked with the sul'dam, and we've seen several instances of Aes Sedai with Warders in circles before. Perhaps the Warder would feel any pain the damane is subjected to, or maybe the Aes Sedai can "fuzz" the bond. We don't really know what "fuzzing" the bond involves.

There are some ways that the Aes Sedai can fuzz, so to speak, the two way nature of the bond. After all, think about it a minute. Do you know many women who'd really like to have this guy looking over her shoulder if she was getting it on with somebody? This minute that she doesn't really want him to know what's going on, what she's doing, she can fuzz the bond to the extent that Elyas Machera has to ask whether the woman who is his . . . who held his bond has perished. He needs to know. He can't be sure simply by feeling because she fuzzed the bond after he ran away so he wouldn't know until she tapped him on the shoulder.
“A fair number can fuzz the bond, in a manner of speaking. Maybe they all can. You don’t know much more than she’s still alive, and I know that anyway, because I haven’t gone crazy.” Elyas saw the question on his face and barked a laugh. “Light, man, a sister’s flesh-and-blood, too. Most are. Think about it. Would you want somebody inside your head while you cuddled up with a likely wench?
Min tries it, but fails:
Hurriedly she tried the trick Elayne had told her about, imaging that ball of emotions tied up in a kerchief. Nothing happened.
That suggests it may require the One Power to perform, and a damane would not be able to do it while linked, though she can while the leash is not held (TGH42).
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Ah. You're right about that, though I'm almost positive it isn't in the books.

Linda: If an Aes Sedai links with other Aes Sedai, will or can the others then sense if she is bonded? Also, can an Aes Sedai (at least as far as the Tower knows) 'unbond' a Warder? Its been suggested that they will set a man free/release him if he really wants to leave, but does that mean 'unbond' him or simply 'not pursue' him and release him from whatever oaths he's sworn as a Warder?

RJ: No. They can't sense it. I think you may be thinking about an adaption of bonds.

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