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Approved CotL Bio for Aemon Kristen - BT CC'd


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DM handle: Aemon Kristen


Character Name: Aemon Kristen


Age: 22


Email address: Aemonkristen[at]yahoo[dot]com, thomasebrady[at]yahoo[dot]com


Division: CotL


Subdivision: The Whisper of Light


Physical Description: 5’10”, 150, black hair in two braids with silver bells at the ends, two swords on back, dark brown eyes.


Place of Birth/Raising: Arafel


Character History:


Aemon was kidnapped as a child of 6 years and raised in a brothel until the night the Children came and burned the owners for Darkfriends in his tenth year. His time in the brothel was a psychological nightmare and a physical hell. He begged the Children to take him with them, but they refused because of his age. They told him only that he must walk in the light if he wanted to someday come to the Children. He lived on the streets for some time before being taken in by a butcher’s wife with a kind heart. She and her husband raised them as their own. He was sent to school and learned how to read and write and do arithmetic. His “father” took him out and taught him how to hunt and skin his kill.


His second run in with the children of the light came in his 16th year. They rode through his small village with the head of a Myrrdral stuck on a pike. To the eyes of a teenager, they glowed with all the attributes he longed to possess. Bravery, fearlessness, honor and virtue. In that moment he reaffirmed his intentions to find them and join their ranks someday. When he reached his 18th name day he told his parents about his desire to join the Children of the Light. They naturally tried to convince him to stay and continue in the family business, but he was adamant. Being from such a small village they didn’t know much about the Children beyond the name. In the end his mother packed him more food than he could conveniently carry and his father gave him his best bow and a quiver of arrows. He worked his way south slowly but surely, taking odd jobs as they came to him and wintering in out of the way hamlets where there was need of hunters. He finally reached the Fortress of Light in his 22nd year.






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