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Luckers, Terez, I would have to read the series a couple more times to remember those details! (I think you just proved you both have read the books more frequently than young Brandon has yet had time to do.)


Some of the things I found interesting: 1) the implications after Rand's departure from the Hall that he could have broken their shields at any time; 2) Rand's coming to tell Egwene about the logistics of "clearing the rubble" before resealing the Bore proves that up until now this need is not something she has spent any time at all learning about; 3) although it was encouraging that Galad took on the more corrupt elements of Whitecloak leadership, he shows himself to be still as arrogant and idiotic as any of the worst of them by believing Byar and Bornholt about Perrin and by supporting his men's seizing of civilians and their goods off the road and now by wanting to do combat based on what idiots have told him--he will not even sit down to a real parley.

I guess or suppose they are actually going to come to blows until either Lini or Morgase reveal themselves and put a stop to it?!


I am very disappointed in Egwene's short-sightedness about Rand. She has her mind made up so don't confuse her with the facts! (I would love it if Siuan and Gareth left with him.)


The Letter! I laughed and cried too. That was perfect!


*(more later, maybe, I am at work)

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