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  1. Ah, Jordan left us so much to think about and imagine! I am glad even for the little tidbits Brandon has related, such as where was Dobraine etc. Is there some article or press release about the Encyclopedia to come anywhere? I have seen a couple of references so far but no more.
  2. But you aren't leaving us, right? You'll still be in the mix?
  3. That's great news. Might we move this thread up in status to become a permanent thread for reports from those lucky members who might get to visit and view the collection? Or, hopefully, eventually Jordan scholars studying his papers??
  4. Imho, Jordan was WAY more influenced by his life and his experiences in Viet Nam. And every Viet Nam veteran I know (and I am married to one) points out so many things that they recognize, in Jordan's books, that relate to things they learned from their experiences. I am of Tsalagi descent, and I call jackson "the Hitler of the Trail of Tears". So sick of looking at his big head on the 20, Dude. We need an overhaul of the $20 bill. Like why not have Harriet Tubman on the 20?
  5. There have been loads of references to Avi contemplating laying the marriage bouquet, or whatever Aiel call it, at Rand's feet. Seems really likely to me that she will and perhaps soon, might be on the eve of the next battle? Interesting post. The more rereads, the more we pick up the many many clues. I dunno about the bodyswap thing? A year from now we'll know ALL!
  6. Not so interested in the born-to entitlement of a spoiled princess, fighting to consolidate her power and control, trained to see everyone in geographic boundaries as her subjects. Andor shmandor, eh! The Aes Sedai clearly must be recreated as a whole, women AND men, surgically slicing out what were negative practices and attitudes of the White Tower (not just the Black Ajah). Seems like Rand's and Egwene's political arcs are heading toward recreating the order more in line with historical purpose, although they've been working separate sides of the equation and hardly communicating at all. I think their arcs will dovetail, and bring the yin yang thing whole again!
  7. Totally agree with afog0ats above. Beyond liking good guys and despising bad guys, following the arcs as the young people mature amidst danger, I cannot like Elayne, nor Morgase. And it is the entitlement, the absolute attitude of supremacy toward Perrin, and Mat, based on claiming land too far away to do more than try to steal taxes. When did they ever do anything for the Two Rivers? And seriously, the Elayne Rand relationship seems to be wholly based on first crush attraction and hormones. Where's the friendship? The getting to know you part was all her giving advice on being a monarch. Gawyn seems to maybe getting a clue. And Galad gets smarter. But the Trakand heiresses arrghh. I hate them.
  8. It is indeed common to hear not only women jest among themselves about men, which might often be characterized as fond complaints. Yet far more appalling, indeed hateful, is what is too often said by many men to each other about women in the most negative and objectifying sense. That is the truth of our society, though I would give credit where it is due to men of higher consciousness than a chauvinist. And credit to some women and men who have raised their children to have respect for others and self respect. Those who complain about WoT women to excess seem to be either so young as to have little experience of actual societal relations in all their contradictions and variayions, but there are some fewer here who may be chauvinist themselves and have trouble with the tables being turned. Live and learn. Live and learn.
  9. I agree with Cindy and Doodoo. And wonder that some males get what RJ did with his world and that others just seem to react quite uncomfortably to strong women. I would rather have the types that fit the former category for friends! As a woman I could never stand it when a sister won't stand up for herself; but I really hate arrogant men.
  10. In addition to herid's astute argument, which is clearly true, there is also a further observation or foretelling by Min, and which remains a mystery so far to us all. That is her seeing that "Alivia will help him die." How will she do this? When will the event transpire? To what effect? Will it be a physical death? Or will it be a near-death experience? We just don't know, yet. (But as noted by herid, Christianity as such has nothing to do with it.) If Nynaeve rips him from TAR, that would in essence be to reincarnate him (which more of an Eastern religious concept, pertaining to Hinduism and its close philosophical kin), as happened to Birgitte.
  11. Robert Jordan will surprise us, somehow, once again. Yet the other day I was reminded of the prophecy of the three women in the boat passage. I was watching the end of the movie "Excalibur" (1981?), which I originally saw at the Strand in San Francisco when it was released, and at the end after one of Arthur's knights (I missed which one, madly) was convinced by the wounded or dying king to give the sword back to the lady in the lake, and after having done so he returns to find Arthur gone. Then the scene shifts to show a boat going out (to sea?) with a body laid on a bier and, yes, three women standing with Arthur's body. My curiousity is piqued; now I will have to read Mallory's Morte d'Arthur to catch what homage Jordan must have paid it. At any rate, I fully expect there to be a scene with the three women (whether or not they are Aviendha, Min and Elayne or some variation whereof and wherefore) involved. I fully expect Jordan to surprise us! Yet, the idea of Nynaeve ripping him out of Tel'aranrhiod has occurred to me. Ah, the fine sweet expectation of waiting to RAFO, eh?
  12. Jason, I would bet my bottom dollar that Jordan read "On Fairy Stories" himself back when it was first published in the U.S., in the late 1960s, included in the compilation by Ballantine Books: The Tolkien Reader. It's KoD Chpt 4 actually.Tylee after noting Perrin's eyes and hammer she recites...."When the Wolf King carries the hammer, thus are the final days known. When the fox marries the raven, and the trumpets of battle are blown" So, "the trumpets of battle are blown". QUESTION to ALL: Is this bit of prophecy a Metaphor? Or might it be a reference to Matrim blowing the Horn of Valere?
  13. I have the original, which I heartily recommend to you, Canis for Lin Carter's essay on the history of fantasy. Also, in the main work concerning The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien, Carter's comments on the as-then-yet-unpublished Silmarillion are interesting. It's not too hard to find a copy still. It is a paperback book published by Ballantine Books. I am not sure that the reprint has everything from the original in any event. (And, yes, Alfred, Lord Dunsany. Very funny short stories with gloriously descriptive prose.)
  14. so we are waiting on trumpets . . . Thanks, Finssss!
  15. one word: BRILLIANT!!! Now, who is out there with their copies to hand of TGS, I believe it was there you will find Tylee or some Seanchan remarking on the reference from their own version of the prophecies concerning the Wolf King and a hammer. Someone be a dear and look it up for us?
  16. Hi Canis! I am currently rereading Worm Ouroboros by Eddison (as I realized I did not remember much from my first read a LONG time ago). And you know? Eddison wrote the purplist prose I can ever remember. For those of you who quail at the descriptive passages in Tolkien and Jordan, STAY AWAY. As far as the history of fantasy, I like Lin Carter's essay which I believe was published in Ballantine Books' Tolkien: A Look Behind "The Lord of the Rings". If you can find a copy of this out of print book pick it up for pleasure. And Dunsany! I had not read him before, and got a free/cheap e-book of "The Book of Wonder." Again, for those who despise description, don't go there. LOL! So far having fun with those ultra short stories, and finding much humor in them too.
  17. There is no question that Jordan was a fan of Tolkien; he does now and then insert the little tribute reference to Middle-earth into Randland. Tolkien was The Master of the genre, but Jordan is also A Master of fantasy. I have been reading fantasy since I was 8 (or 4, if you count Greek mythology), and have been a life-long Tolkien fan since then, and Jordan is the first of I don't know how many fantasy authors I have read over the decades whom I appreciate anywhere near as much. And I know that both these authors will give me so many more years of reading pleasure. Both authors mined the treasure hoards of ancient mythologies, maybe more the Norse mythos in both cases though I believe Jordan more widely sampled concepts and references from myths around the world. Tolkien was the only author to create a world in which his invented languages would live with cultural and historical backgrounds. Jordan is the only fantasy author whose work is like a "War and Peace" for the grandest cast of characters in terms of sheer scale. I can remember most or all of the characters I have read in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion and many more from HoMe. But for WoT, I cannot yet do that. (But I must admit, I read LotR 43-44 times and I am only in my third reading of WoT.)
  18. It makes sense as a trophy. But he was almost "long gone"!
  19. Why involve Rand at all? Pettiness to give it to her lover as opposed to one of his two best friends, who in this case is the leader followed by the people of the Two Rivers? I can see the point that she raised execution as a manipulative tactic; although Perrin has always been known to give an honest straight answer and it was not necessary even though his wife was raised in court politics herself. I need to reread the chapter, I am sure. But on first read, I liked Elayne less. Yeah, sure, she cannot be seen as being weak on the territories, BUT what has Andor ever done for the Two Rivers beyond claim it and enjoy its tabac?
  20. Isgrimner, what were the numbers on the covers of the three you got? It was Dable Bros. anyway. I was at the time working right across the street from Midtown Comics in Manhattan and would go in looking for them every week. But I only ever found three issues, and it was never clear to me just how many were published! And of the three I did find, the numbering was strange as they had two systems going between the NS and the WoT issues?
  21. There are such a lot of great scenes with both and each of them separately that it is hard to pick just one (each). When Moiraine suddenly stripped naked to go down to Rhuidean is one of my favorite Moiraine moments. What a surprise! And it is so sparsely written as to be rather mysterious as it occurs. I loved Lan telling Rand to assume "Cat Crosses the Courtyard" as he walks him back to meet the Amyrlin Siuan. One of my very favorite Lan scenes is his dive and save of Nynaeve in the sinking boat--having arrived just in the knick of time TO save her. That was rather astounding.
  22. Gawyn! Actually, I was most annoyed by him of all (the Light) characters. He has been the most arrogant of all of them and that's saying something. He is the worst know-it-all; far more self righteous than his brother. And after shirking his duties to Elayne for months(?) he finally shows up to see her, and she was the only person he listened to in regards to his self-righteousness toward Egwene, after everything else that had gone on before that. Olver bugs me too! That boy is going to get hisself in a heap of trouble. And he's been nothing but trouble.
  23. Eh! So many great moments to choose from and tough to remember them all! holy cow That's why WoT is SO great. Okay, here goes . . . Best Romantic Moment: 3 - Bryne and Suian Best ''One-On-One'' Confontation: 2 Mat/Gawyn+Galad 3 Nynaeve/Moggy For me, a tie here. Nynaeve wins for beating Moggy; however, this confrontation of Mat's with the brothers is the beginning of his rise to greatness right after his healing from the tainted knife, so it was a key moment. Most Heroic Moment: 3 Mat rescuing Elayne from Gholam (Promises to keep. ''You can't bloody have her.'' Again, so many great ones but facing the Gholam has to take the cake. Coolest ''Loss of Temper'' 2 Perrin moving that Aiel Chick with his bare hands. Best Battle 1 Falme 2 Dumai's Wells 3 Emond's Field 5 Mat's Seanchan Battle to allow Tuon to escape. Maybe the hardest choice? I am finding it hard to pick one or even two as they were all just fantastically written. Falme was epic! Totally cool! Dumai's Wells was so dramatic as we were all in that box with Rand. We were all riding with Perrin. Emond's Field was heroic as a hard-fought victory of the Two Rivers village people and farmers; Perrin's leadership being key. Mat's Seanchan battle for his genius of strategy and tactics! Best Death Scene 3 Moiraine Damodred's in Book 5 Best Ending of a Book 3 Book Six: Dumai's Wells Winter's Heart Cleansing Saidin Another tie here.
  24. And maybe it will all come down to the warder's bond, during battle or before. That would force Tuon to serve Rand for a fact.
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