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  1. Wow... I know that some people had a problem with some of his work but it was his cover art on EOTW that really convinced me to read the book...and the rest was history. I hope he got enough of the cover of AMoL done for someone else to finish..Not because Im worried about the book, but he deserves to have his work on the culmination of this series. God rest his soul, and The Last Embrace of the Mother Welcome Him Home.
  2. All im saying is that if the Aes Sedai in the AoL had wanted to hide the horn, the banner, and the seal, they could have done so without sacrificing themselves to bury those objects in pool of pure saidin.. Had I been there Ida been all like: "Sheeeiiiit! Lets just cloak this crap with the Mirror of Mists and call it a day!"
  3. Hi, gang. Forgive me if this has already been addressed elsewhere... The entire concept of the Eye (a pool of pure, tangible, liquid One Power, seems way to cool to not come around again in some form. I recall Moraine saying something to the effect of the Eye having the power to reseal the prison or break it open completely.. Aes Sedai both male and female gave their lives to create that pool of saidin and it's use just seemed rather anti-climactic. So, anyway, do you guys think we could see some sort of use of the liquid OP in the final novel? Perhaps in conjunction with Lanfear's knowledge of the Bore... For that matter, what other things specifically from TEOTW would you guys like to see in AMOL?
  4. Im not sure...Lanfear was supposed to be a pretty talented dreamwalker which makes me a little skeptical of her being in any real trouble. what disturbed me the most was the "desire" that the Dragon feels for her..
  5. So, wait... no one on one between Rand and Egwene? And I assume Egwene is successful and all the rulers are behind her. And no Murandy... I suppose that means Murandy is Demandred's playground? What a shame. She has some support but no one really seems to commit one way or the other. Perrin is firmly committed to Rand though. He seems to be the only one that thinks the Dragon Reborn may know his job better than anyone else. Rand does briefly mention in th Hall that the seals need to be broken in order to replace the seals and that he needs the aid of women. Of course when Egwene approaches rulers she spins it like " OMG the crazy ass Dragon want to Break the Seals! You must align with the White Tower to stop him! She kinda lost some cool points from me as apposed to the last book. not sure about demandred but I think he may be behind the red raiders in seanchan as well is a new group of combatants glimpsed in the blight...
  6. the book three thing was the caged wolf man Noam whom perrin runs into in Tar though he is now wolf name Boundless. he, and to a greater extent hopper (RIP) help perrin achieve inner balance with man and wolf Perrin suckec slayer into a nightmare in Tar and pretendec to be a regular person in the nightmare which allows perrin to get close enough to stab him. he doesnt die though (see Leigh Butler reaction)
  7. Nah. They're just outside the walls of the black tower campus chillin in some tents. no one has been harmed yet or anything. there is a fraction of loyal ashaman inside the tower beginning to seek evidence against taim to give rand but nothing really happens on that front. kinda disappointing.
  8. Rand being all Zen and Sh!t strolls into the Hall of the Tower and casually anounces before Egwene and the hall that he intends to break the seals. his presence dominates. after that he strolls off and leaves the tower buzzing, no one even thinks to try and stop him from going. they all know without knowing that they cant touch him-he just radiates calm bad-assness. So egwene being egwene sets out to turn his alliesagainst him to turn him from this plan. Rand probably could have done a better job of explaining they why being his actions but what fun would that be? At the end of the book the rulers of pretty much all the nations except murandy and seanchan are gathered awaitng rands arrival and another confrontation with egwene
  9. Can we get an explanation on why the Olver thing is suppose to be special? How does Mat kill the Gholam? Does Mesaana die in this book? 1.) This stumped me... actually beats the snake and foxes game then discovers a letter from verin saying the trollocs are headed through the caemlyn waygate. he goes outside and can see the city burning. he grabs a weapon and joins the fray.... 2. with the help of a kinswoman he pushes it into a Skimming gateway and off the platform into eternal darkness 3. No, but she (Dannelle-or however you spell it) has her mind crushed bt Egwene in Tar' and becomes a drooling invalid how "soils herself"
  10. You asked for it.... MAJOR SPOILERS.. 1.) still in the Tower although Mat tells Joline (who heads back to the tower) that hes coming for it soon 2.) Kind of Anti Climactic, they need Rand to fulfill a Boarderland prophecy which he does. He then gives them an ultimatum about fealty or being left behind- does it in a much nicer way then in TGS. The 13 aes sedai make no move on hime 3.) Nothing much..except learning how to cure madness in men how channel before the cleansing. (cant heal rand though) Oh also joins with egwene and the wise ones in a battle royal in the world of dreams against messana and the ba. oh and she gets Lans bond, and becaomes a full aes sedai test and all 4.) A few but i cant recall which
  11. got it yesterday in WA ST. @ local bookstore....had to do the puppy dogg eyes thang a lil but worth it..
  12. Okay, gotta admit I got really choked up on pg 199. good stuff! so much is happening! love it! oops this needs to go in next section although its not really a spoiler.. sorry gang. i have toh!
  13. Thought we'd forget huh?! It was one year ago today that YOU sir, read TGS! You're probably sitting there with TofM right now! Admit it! Make with the review already!
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