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Howdy everybody


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Well hey everyone,


i'm Jordan and i've been a WoT fanatic now for about 6 years although for some stupid reason i've lurked the forums here for 3 ish years and never actualy joined. Silly me :rolleyes:


I'm here for the pure, brutal wheel of time discussions, who did what? who is who?...that kinda stuff.


i've already made a few posts in and around the discussion boards before introducing myself...i'm actualy pretty familliar with the way things run around here ( i think :unsure: ) but i'm ready to just fire into the debating.


My fave WoT books are The Shadow Rising and The Fires Of Heaven, seriously i just love the Aiel. :happy: I'm one of the few (i've met) who still think that Rand is an absoloutly amazing character, no one seems to have the main char as they're faveorite these days!


Anyhoo, nice to meat you all. I'm enjoying my stay already!

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