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Hello (and first question)


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hello everyone,


i'm new to this hole forum-thing but i'm a great Fan of the wheel of time series and i finally took the step to registrate at dragonmount.com


if someone reads this perhaps he/she can help me with a big question of me.. my favourite character is mat cauthon( as you can see in my name :) )


and i am searching for stuff to dress me like him.. especially for the movie premiere .. i got the signet ring already ande i will order the fox medallion in the next time but wahats with the ashanderei ( will they make a replika? now that the movie is planned.. ( they have to.. or not? )


and whats with the clothes? is there something like licensed clothes of the wheel of time? if not whats the best adress to get something that comes near to thge clothes that are mentiones in the book?


i hope someone has interest in helping me or has the same idea/problem..


may you ever find water and shade



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Hiya Mat :)


First and foremost welcome to DM!! Great to see you here!


I've been hunting around and have discovered that medieval/period costume is expensive! LOL Found this coat, but it's £119 from the UK. It's just what i pictured the boys wearing though. Best of luck finding what you are after!





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Thank you for your welcome:)


and thanks for the link.. i searched too but i didn't found something that matched with mat's description..


But there are no new hints to the ashanderei- topic (replica?) ? or is there a forum or something where this is discussed?


- may you ever find water and shade -



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Hey! Welcome to the Mount!


I dont know where you would talk about Mat's weapion of choice, or replicating it, though I would start at the General forums, might be the right place.


I hope you are enjoying your time here :), if you have any more questions feel free to keep asking them here.


Until next time! Have fun Storming the Mount!

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