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  1. thats what i like to hear *glomps Zo* *snugglebites Zo as recovering from glomping* wheres everyone else? *Shouts for Dah Mills and Kar*
  2. Hi Zobomb Hows my queen of cuteness?
  3. so sorry Mom ive been very busy with my new job. dont get much time to pop in and cause havoc like i used to Hows everyone doing? missing not talking to y'all
  4. Yeah, Ive still got lots of boxes of chocolates left over too which isnt helping with the whole get into shape thing lol
  5. *Runs behind the bar and starts mixing drinks in a tom cruisey cocktail style* Here we go, Dirty Vodka Martini for Song Guiness, Vodka and cranberry, Appletini and a Mojito for Zo, with a side order of Headache pills for later
  6. Kemian

    The Hive.

    Getting on ok thanks. Starting to feel old again with my birthday coming up next week
  7. Kemian

    The Hive.

    Bro! *tacklehugs Bale* How you been?
  8. Right now *Starts the music and runs around handing out drinks*
  9. Recovering from the holiday season at the moment. Need to get back in shape but honestly Im not motivated to do that at the moment Howve you been?
  10. *Sneaks up behind Egwene and snugglebites* Hi, how you been?
  11. Wow, looking good as always Zo *Runs out to find some great party clothes*
  12. Kemian

    The Hive.

    ZO!!!! *Gives mom a big glompinghugglesnugglebite* I missed you too, never the same without the presence of The Queen of Cuteness
  13. Yeah, now we just need to find everyone else too and get the party going again
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